Neat Momentum 3i

Tested at £1790

Some of the most enjoyable standmounters around. They deserve serious consideration


Sounds like I've had the same audition.

I'm in the market for a replacement for my Proac Tablettet 50 Signatures and the guys at Rayleigh suggested I listen to the Neat Momentum 3i. I've got to say, I was blown away with the sheer scale of these mighty atoms. The Kraftwerk demo was immense delivering an impressive bass and detailed sound.

These were a step up from what I felt was a rather weedy sounding B&W PM1 in comparison.

These are definently on my short list.

Now just the Harbeths' and ProAcs'  to check out.


Had a listen to these at Rayleigh HiFi today as a direct comparison to the B&W PM1s.

My "planned" new system was a Naim Superuniti paired with PM1s, but the guys at Rayliegh suggested giving the Neats a listen too. Based on their looks, my first reaction was "these things are going to have to be fantastically good to make up for their ultra plain design". And... they are!

Initially listening to Diana Krall through the PM1s, I was very impressed with the sound stage and detail they presented. But switching to the Neats caused a jaw dropping moment when it felt like someone had taken a blanket off the system and revealed what was REALLY going on. Whatever we threw at the speakers - Ryan Adams, Dire Straits, Kraftwerk, Frank Zappa - the Neats reigned supreme. Fast, dynamic and amazingly detailed. In fact, the after a a few songs we removed the PM1s from the listening room altogether and spent another 45 minutes putting the Neats through their paces with a huge range of different albums. 

I can just about relate to the comments saying the treble is enthusiastic, but the Superuniti / Neat combination never lost control and irrespective of the chosen volume - from gentle background jazz to pounding electronic test tracks from Kraftwerk - the Neats delivered a crystal clear and sharply detailed image.

Now all I have to do is wait for four weeks until everything is delivered!


Edit on 7th August 2012: Everything has arrived! Am even more impressed with the Neats (and the Superuniti) now they are running in at home. Definitely worth a serious listen - LOVE 'EM!


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