Naim UnitiLite

Tested at £1650

A storming performer for the money, this new compact version of Naim’s Uniti concept should sell in huge numbers



Hello I am new to high end equipment and am aquiring a pair of PM1's. Would this unit be good with these speakers? Just seems a lot cheaper that its big brother Thanks for your help

If you were to describe the onboard amp, would you say it is on par with that of Naim Nait 5i-2? Or closer to Naim XS?

I'd say it was closer to the latest version of the Nait 5i

hi andrew

how do you compare the lite with qute in terms of bass weight and tonally ?


I've heard both and found that tonally they're very close. They have a similar sonic character, however, the Lite has a bit more authority and scale.

Thanks for the help , the lite is definately on my demo list!

Thank you!!!!

Finally upgrading from 30 year old separates, as I listen only to classical I have trouble knowing from reviews if the bass sound on this is good enough for what I want.  Although I don't need rock and roll bass I do listen in a big room.  So I don't know if I should audition this or just the uniti2.

Can you tell me if the uniti lite has a dac built in? I don't know what to look for on tech specs but  (I think) I know I want one.

Yes, it has a Burr Brown PCM 1793 DAC.

I recently auditioned the Uniti2 with the PMC 23 speakers. Although I liked the sound I couldn't be persuaded by the 5k price tag, don't get me wrong, it was good, but for that sort of cash I want amazing!! So I decided to re- audition in a couple of weeks time with cheaper speakers to make the price/sound feel right for me. However after reading this that may have all just changed!!

Hi everyone,

Im still "old school" and still using a Roksan Kandy amp/cd player (10 years old ) and thinking of moving forward. I subscribe to spotify as i work away, so would this Naim be able to stream spotify?

FYI, Thinking of purchasing the KEF LS50 as the system would be in a small room.

Many thanks.

No, it doesn't have Spotify.


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