Naim NDS/555 PS

Tested at £12620

Naim's addictive flagship streamer more than lives up to its billing as 'The Ultimate Reference Audiophile Network Player'


The best you've heard!? Have you heard a Bladelius Embla & Bladelius Ask combo??


would be an interesting comparison also with the Linn Klimax mentioned below. Is Bladelius too much of a high end niche product for you to review them? or is it because they don't retail in the UK??  Reply much appreciated Laughing out loud

Bladelius as a brand isn't too niche for us. The Temptations section is full of small, specialist manufacturers. However, we're unlikely to review the product unless there's decent UK distribution. 

I went along to one of Naim's Future of Hi-Fi events and, amongst other things, heard in sucessession the ND5 XS, NDX and NDS.

The difference between the ND5 XS and NDX was amazing. I think at least some of this difference was "engineered" as the ND5 XS didn't have the benefit of an external PSU whereas the NDX did. Nevertheless, listening to the same track again, was like hearing a completely different performance by the same artists.

The difference between the ND5 and NDS was much more subtle and, to my mind, not necessarily worth the extra outlay. However, it might just be that it takes longer for an uneducated ear like mine to appreciate the differences at this level. Overall, the experience has left me wondering if, given the performance difference, I should go for an ND5 XS at all, even though it's the only unit remotely close to my price bracket and the whole reason I went along in the first place.

I'd sell my car for one of these. But oh, I'd still be £10k short...

I know the country needs to improve the 'balance of trade', but come on, this is just crazy.

How long is the queue for needless overspend?

In terms of price, if not performance, this goes head to head with Linn's Klimax DS/ that would be an interesting showdown (hint hint).

A player like this can be affacted by the SATA cables connecting the NAS disks. I reversed the SATA cables and even the wife asked 'what have you done to the hi-fi?'


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