NAD T787

Tested at £3000

Somewhat underwhelming: a £3000 AV receiver simply needs to deliver more


Darn it! And I was so looking forward to trying this one out at home! I'm getting so sick of the relentless feature-stuffing every other brand insists of these days, thus the approach that NAD has taken seemed very refreshing (pure concentration on sound quality alone, not gadgets and excessive features).

An advantage that NAD is known for (that the reviewer conveniently failed to mention) is the possibility of hardware upgrades in the form of MDC modules. I believe NAD are among the few brands who offer such a thing.

One ought to take WHF's views with a grain of salt. That much I've learned. Recently read other reviews elsewhere of this unit where they pretty much praised the soundquality issues that WHF had problems with. Go figure.

And what of it's abilities with music? There's no mention of that here?!


Agree. I think most reviews should be taking with a grain of salt. I do not agree with this review of NAD T787 at all. I have heard this receiver playing in stereo with a pair of 802 Diamonds, and it did it well. If I look at the price, and compare it with my experience, I actually think that NAD has underpriced it a little. This is one of the best receivers I know of, also at this price level.

 The NAD's character didn't change with music replay. It has a punchy, powerful sound that displays a good degree of clarity. However, this NAD is something of a blunt instrument,  and  doesn't quite have the degree of subtlety we'd want at this price level. We found an element of hardness in its presentation too.

Agreed, we should have mentioned the MDC modules. However, that feature doesn't change our view that better performance is available at cheaper prices. As always, we recommend people to have an audition and decide for themselves. a whole different review !!!!!!

Exactly!!! So is this one:

Won't know what to make of WHF til I've tested it myself.

i have a NAD T 757 and it blows away all the receivers that i have had in the past !!!! onkyo , denon , rotel , yamaha , harman kardon ....... !


Glad you've had a positive experience.

Among all the other positive reviews out there I read a very favorable one in German HEIMKINO Magazine that gave the T787 6 out of 6 on both movies and music. Personally I find HEIMKINO more trustworthy than WHF these days.

I think what they are saying,disregarding features,is.. there is better performance to be had from receivers costing £1000 less...£3000 is way over the top for this grade of receiver. So if it can't compete with Anthem/yamaha/pio machines costing 1/3rd less (actually pioneers lx86 is half the price with promo) & similar build quality but just bigger than the Nad t748,how anyone can come to a better conclusion at the price is also suspect.

Correct johnjay. We think the NAD is substantially overpriced when you look at the performance/price ratio of other products in the AV market.


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