Musical Fidelity M6 DAC

Tested at £2000

The M6 DAC is a mighty performer but that high price and the quality of the competition robs it of a fifth star


I have written a review of this unit in the forum section. Although it is a great performer, but I do agree that at this price range, a higher resolution than 192kHz and DSD should be the basic feature.

Another British DAC that doesn't support DSD over USB???? And not even mentioned in the review?  Instead they give us Bluetooth and AES - EDITED?

This looks like bog standard off the shelf DAC chips in an expensive box with some useless interfaces to me. Back to the drawing board!

Given how easy it is to rip SACD content now, and it can be played at full resolution over USB, (Thanks to Andreas Koch) DSD playback should be a standard feature. It is also easy to implement as many of the off the shelf DAC chips support DSD.

So the Chord Qute (£990) and upmarket QBD76HD DSD (£5k) remain the only British DACs that do support DSD. Oh apart from the insanely expensive dCS of course.

But there is an increasing number of US and Far Eastern DACs that do, including the Benchmark DAC2 USB £1800 (The DAC1 started this whole  USB DAC revolution).

Come on Rega, MF, Linn, Naim, Arcam etc. Get with the programme - it's 2012!

These so called 'high end' (merely means expensive) DACs are a joke!
They can't even deal with more than 2 channel music.
They can't properly deal with DSD.
They are useless to me without these basics.


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