Monitor Audio Apex

Tested at £2400

Big movie sound combines with fine musical performance for a grin-inducing package


I never used these speakers. Am using LX82

I've now owned my Apex (7.2) system for about 6 months, and each time I turn a piece of music on or watch a blu-ray or hdtv I am always completely engrossed. These speakers are a stunner of a compact package! Quite unlike anything I had in my home before (and this is my 7:th speakersystem in 15 years). I suppose this is the first speakersystem I've bought where I feel these will last with me for years and years. They also do justice to lots of different recivers and a/v amps I've used on them so far - they will show differences in processing and amplification clearly and reward you with even further improved performance when you upgrade components (or cables, for that matter!). Beautiful to look at they fit my decor wonderfully, just the way they sound. For the first time I'm a true believer that compact speakersystems can perform well beyond expectations! But I suppose not all brands can achieve this!



Can I combine 4 satelite speakers apex 10, midspeaker apex 40 with my 4 year old but terrific REL quake subwoofer?


tx for the advice

The best place for advice is over on our Forums - this Apex-specific thread would be a brilliant place to post your question:



I bought 2x2,5mm² quality cable for the "normal" speakers at the shop where I bought my Apex speakers.

I payed 2,70€ per meter.

For the sub I bought special sub-cable, which cost me 28,00€ for 5,5m

The sound is incredible.

just got the Apex set..any one reccomend best speakerwires to complement this without spending an absoulte fortune ? thanks all

I'd go for the Onkyo TX-NR808, one of our Award winners, which you should be able to pick up for less than a grand in the sales:

We used our reference Demon AVC-A1HD to test the Apex system.

Pop your postcode into Monitor Audio's UK dealer finder and you'll find your nearest authorised retailer:

The Onkyo will drive the Apex package harder - but only you can tell (via auditioning) whether that's worth the premium over the Denon.

Best to ask such questions in Forums, delboi, rather than as a review comment

Ah, that means I must have won the free monitor audio apex for guessing the correct amp!

Would the pioneer lx82(/83) be a good match for this?

A very good match! We used the LX82 to run our demo set in.

I'm sure many forum members would be interested to know which AV receiver was used for the demo.

Something tells me the MT30's will be losing their award winning streak this year....

I have heard the Apex 10 and 40 speakers in combination with a MA RXW-12 sub (as the Apex sub has no grille and our cat would otherwise be fascinated by the moving driver). They were matched with a Denon AVR-2310 and the resulting sound was fantastic. Always articulated, bright and natural sound. This I tested with CD and Blu-ray. Surround effects are overwhelming realistic and put you really in the movie. I immediately bought the speakers.


I live in aberdeen

Could you please recommend genuine supplier of this package?

thanks in advance



There was numerous Speaker system available in this blog but I liked it system.And now I want to know that what is price of this system and where can I buy this system.

I'm interested in buying this system but my budget only goes so far.. what would be a great av reciever, under GBP 1000, to pair up with the Apex? Any help would be really appreciated.

Just a quick correction the Pio VSR Lx- 53 is going for GBP 819.95.

Thanks Andy. I had actually purchased it with the Denon 2311 for GBP 529. Would you say it's worth the extra few hundred to get the onkyo? is there a distinctive and worthwhile improvement in both music and movies?

Thanks, Clare. Sorry to be a tad annoying but.. i've done some research and i've discovered that the Pio VSX- lx53 is going for GBP 999 and the Pio VSX- 2020is going for GBP 799. Would either of these provide a "step up" in performance, in all aspects of performance(including uses for music), compared to the onkyo 808 or the denon 2311 and justify the GBP 300-400 increase? What would be your personal choice?

I have the B&w mt30 speakers. They are very good to listen too using a prim are amp. I know upgraded. Oh my god bought the monitor audio Apex set and lx83 pioneer amp, won,t be comparing the mt30. apex set are so much brighter and clearer to listen too. The bass is very good better than the pv1. This is my opinion . How ever hear them for yourselves. U will agree with me trust me.




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