Monitor Audio Airstream WS100

Tested at £250

The hunt for excellent desktop speakers just got a little easier


Will you be reviewing the more recent Airstream s300?

If we get sent a review sample, we'll be happy to do so.

Simply can't get enough of these . Great design , probably my best audio purchase ever

The remote is ugly, need to redesign the remote

I suggest the price 200 will be more sales

Stunning desktop speakers! Great value for money @ 250.


Yes, we generally find a wired connection sounds better than a wireless one, although the difference isn't necessarily huge.

"Switch to the 3.5mm auxiliary input and the tune sounds even smoother and more natural."

Does this mean wireless transmission is of worse quality than simply plugging an iPod direct into the speakers? I know the iPod DAC is excellent quality but I thought sending over a digital to be processed by the speakers would be the preferred method.


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