Mission MX5

Tested at £600

For those about to rock, the massive Missions make a serious racket


i don't know how much these have in common with the mission m35i speakers that i have. they look very similar to me. i've had my 35i's for 7 years now and have found them to be a fantastic speaker. 

Had my Mission MX5's for about a year or so now. While I have been fairly happy with their performance on the whole there are some fundamental design floors in the integral passive crossover components. They are the cheapest low rent bits available, but worse is that the n/p electrolytic driving the tweeter is completely underated.

For those techincal enough to understand, it is subjected to a ripple current of over 1A at approx 50Wrms and is rated at less than 100mA!

The cap has completely buldged and dried out on mine after 12 months of moderate volume levels. When it does this it goes high impedance and basically you lose your treble.

So be warned, thjey might sound great when new but be prepared to bin them after a few months or have the xovers's repaired and the HF series cap replaced with a metalised polypropylene (which is what it should have had from the start).

I'm an electronics engineer by profession in case you haven't guessed!


I also bought these online without listening to them (for $AU1495 delivered), and I have to say they are superb value for money.  The review on this site is spot on, they have plenty of bass (which is no wonder considering how big they are) yet an amazing amount of detail for their size.  Comparing them to my Polk RTi70s, they have less finesse in the top end but a much punchier midrange and heaps more bass. Perfect speakers for hard rock, yet surprisingly good for funk and jazz.  I run them bi-wired from a Luxman C-02/M-02 combination linked to an Onkyo C-S5VL SACD player with Monster 400i interconnects.  I'm pleased to say my SACD of Tommy sounds as sweet as a nut with these mothers.  The only downside will be the inevitable complaints from my poor neighbours!

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