Marantz UD7007

Tested at £700

Best Blu-ray player £300+, Awards 2013. It may be pricey, but in the right system it delivers in spades


Picture quality is outstanding and as for the sound - WOW - for the price I doubt there is a better bit of kit.  Had all the cables necessary for me, but I use co-ax (yup I supplied) for sound.  Played DVD, Blu-ray, CD all are handled exceptionally well (it very much surprised me how good CD audio was).  To be honest if the only issue folks have is the lack of cables I despair!  This kit it terrific VFM.  Well worth the 5 stars.  Used with Yamaha 2700 AV, Pioneer Screen, Linn Speaker system.

  I was struggling to decide on a seperate cd and a blueray player because too many players is one shelf is what i don't fancy that much. Thank God that i am here. I would want a general opinion on this players usb video files support and if it can play audio and video files from Apple devices? Thanks

Universal? £700 it cost me and 'Universal" does not mean it is region free. I brought in UK and it will only play region 2, what a con. Marantz won't help either, they were very rude and unhelpful. Becareful buying this, it is a rip off. No wifi either and no cables supplied, £700 for what? My Sony BDPS 790 is as good with picture and sound and cost less than £200. BECAREFUL Update my comments. Because it does not have built in wifi Marantz advice you to buy Devolo versatile wifi only 159 Euros, not that spending £700 on this useless piece of kit was enough. You learn that expence doesn't always mean the best.

You're right "Universal" does not mean region free. If it was region free it would say "Region Free". They're different terms, it's a universal player because it plays most available modern audio and video media and files. It's a stunning player and is one of, if not the best, Blu Ray+ players available.

I have just bought this player purely for blu ray playback - without a demo based on the WHF review and they are bang on again!

Picture is the best I have seen from the format by a long way and I have owned several other players 4 in total. It's the cleanest sharpest, with the best edge definition most detailed picture I have seen - buts its the motion / fluidity of the player that stands out. It maintains the image stability so well and that's what budget players just simply don't do even the very good ones 

The sound is dynamic, big and bold as reviewed but clean and intricate at the same time

My machine is very fast and very responsive to the remote so maybe they improved it after the review

If you have a good system / good display setup correctly / calibrated then you owe it one of these players, feeding it anything less is just limiting its performance. 

Very good player!!


I have to agree with felty99, no inclusion of analogue outputs are a dealbreaker for obvious reasons. Marantz research department is out of touch with consumer needs especially with a statement piece of this caliber. I own an OPPO 95 and its exceptional in most areas that count. I use the 7.1 analogue output frequently with blurays as my Bryston SP2 doesn't do HDMI...

The 5 star rating is not suitable based on this alone.

So a universal player aimed presumably at the videophile and audiophile market, but comes without any multichannel analogue outputs. Doesn't make any sense to me. What about those with legacy (non-HD) processors?


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