Marantz SA-KI Pearl Lite

Tested at £1000

The Marantz would come up trumps among ordinary competition, but there’s nothing ordinary about its rivals


Just got a Pearl Lite SACD to replace a 17 year old (lightly tweaked) Micromega Stage 2.

I am very impressed indeed. The build quality is excellent, and it weighs as much or more than many an amplifier. The quoted width is misleading as it comes with removable polished side panels that push the width from 440 to 470 mm. I had to remove those for it to fit my unit.

Sound quality is wonderful... it has that ellusive ability to bring out the rhythm in the music. That is so important. The MM was (and is) an excellent and very musical player but the Marantz is in a different league. It has a clarity that is hard to describe, particularly noticeable on complex piano.

At the moment this player is heaviliy discounted... and that makes it even more of a bargain. Well worth an extended listen.   


Got this player recently along with the Pearl-lite amp and must say the sound is simply sublime.

The player continues to impress a few months down the line.Actually it has got better and better IMO.


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