Marantz M-CR610

Tested at £500

Product of the Year, Awards 2013. Marantz has done it again: this is an excellent all-in-one system


I can't connect to wifi anymore. It worked fine at first, of course there was the issue with airplay, which was pretty random, useless really. But it's strange that the wifi connection has failed totally. I went through all the usual steps but nothing helps. Pretty gutted. Does anyone have any suggestions pretty please? 

sometime my M-CR610 have this issue of reading some cds. it would just read and read then display shown "unsupported". but try the same cd with other player and on my notebook no such issue. Wonder is it just mine.

Since a week I have the Marantz M-CR610 with Q Acoustics 2020i speakers. I'm very happy with the quality of the sound! The system is small and has many handy options in this internet era. Only downpoint is the Marantz app which crashes a bit too often.


I've read that there are some problems with the connectivity between certain NAS devices and the Marantz.

Can somebody recommend a NAS that works fine with the M-CR610?



can you help me to find my speakers for this product please?

i look for desk speakers for my bedroom

i  post some messages here


i like motown bass, rock, blues but jazz vocal too

90db minimum

focal 706 : don't like it or maybe it's the Marantz? i prefer my computer or tv 

for a better sound with speakers jbm, harman or headphone


audio monitor bx2




Have you considered the Q Acoustics 2020i? They'd be a good match:

After much consideration and after reading countless reviews i bought this for my mother to replace her old technics separates.

It ticked all the boxes as i was looking for a system that would would offer good quality sound and be user friendly.

The reviews stated that the system can be EASILY connected to your home network to stream music and acces internet radio.

Well after countless failed attempts to connect to the wireless network that was found by the Marantz and which had a signal strength of 92% i was advised and forced to connect via wired connection.  So basically we have a wireless streaming system that doesn't really like wireless networks.

Wired connection = Problem solved, or so i thought!

When trying to connect to internet radio more often the Marantz displays "connection down" even though the settings menu tells me that the network connection is perfectly fine.

The reviews state that music can be played via an external drive by connecting to either of the front or back usb ports. Great! - That is unless you have your music stored on a Seagate 1Tb external hard drive which apparently the Marantz "doesn't like" either.

i was advised that a NAS drive would be the best source for storing and streaming my music so duly purchased a WD NAS drive and transferred all data from the seagate to the NAS, hooked the NAS up to the hub and away we went.

The Marantz found all of the stored music at the first attempt - brilliant!

Sadly though it only found 3/4 of the music at the second attempt, and less at the third attempt.  Basically depending on your luck each time you turn the system on will determine how much of your music the system will give you access to.

An added "extra" is that the Marantz will only play about 1m 35 secs of any track stored on the NAS before moving on to the next track!

On the plus side - the cd player works fine.

Very disappointed that a system that promised so much has delivered so little.

I intend taking it back to Richer Sounds where i bought it from.

1. It may be an issue with your router (DSL modem) mine has started rejecting connection attempts for anything over about 10 to 15 devices.

2. That may also explain why you had problems with the wired connection but it could also be the Marantz is faulty, so check both are ok.

3. Most USB interfaces will not support external Hard Disk Drives. If it is not specifically specified then go to one of the advice boards first to check.

4. NAS drives are a world of pain, not all devices are fully DNLA, and many will not work with each other. I spent ages in Richer trying to get a Stream 6 to talk to my DNLA server. Eventually we got it to see the library and play the tune, however no actual sound came out of the device. We eventually gave up and used Bluetooth.


Welcome to the 21st century, a century where all manufacturers have given up even the pretence of working with other manufacturers. And you thought the format wars of the last century were bad!


Thanks for the comments Kev. 


Still not got issues sorted but RS are going to check unit for faults.

will post result on here.



can you help me to find my speakers for this product please?

i look for desk speakers for my bedroom

i  post some messages here


i like motown bass, rock, blues but jazz vocal too

90db minimum

focal 706

audio monitor bx2



Hi All
This from the Marantz web site:-

Power out 2 x 60W
Power consumtion 55W


Looks good 'though. Does anyone know if you can put MP3 in through the USBs? (yes I know it's a bit yuck, but it's a useful "quick 'n' dirty" for background music when socialising).

I have a fairly dated Denon micro system which has come to the end of its active life. both physically and technically.  Given that it served me well for many years I was initially tempted to replace it with a Denon DF 109 DAB system but the Marantz MCR 610 has now caught my eye.  It's got the same sort of power and quality but is more streamlined and compact and seems well worth a consideration.  

My current system is hooked up to Bose Acoustimass 5 speakers which I'm pleased with and wish to keep and I also want to attach an existing record player to the new unit.

So the question is which one to go with?  Will the Bose speakers including the sub-woofer unit work with either and can I attach my record player via a suitable phono input?

There's not that much difference in price but that's not really an issue.  I don't buy a new hi-fi system every day so feel the need to make the right decision and any advice would be most apreciated.  

I have a question about this unit:

The review states that the Marantz can play FLAC / lossless files through a USB stick.  Can the same FLAC / lossless files be played via USB with an external hard drive ( say a Seagate or Western Digital ) ?  If yes, what is the maximum size of external hard drive can it accomodate ?

Some USB ports can only support a maximum size external hard drive so if anyone knows the answer to this it would be appreciated.




Hi What HiFI Team,

Just read the review and other comments with interest as I have been looking for an upgrade for a room 5m x 6m. I currently have a Sony HX90BTR, it is split between four JBL Control Ones which I have run cables for. Considering this I thought this looked like a potentially great upgrade with all the contectivity, making use of the 4 speakers & cables I made the effort to run and I could connect a sub too. Along with the perferred location being 32cms wide.

However I'm not very knowledgeable on HiFi [as the Sony would suggest perhaps?!] so would really appreciate any comments if this Marantz would be well suited to the speakers and if actually a worthwhile investment over the Sony which I've never been that pleased with sound wise.

Any alternatives at similar cost I may have missed welcome too.

Thank you,


The review doesn't mention this, but the M-CR610 has a bi-amp mode (two sets of speaker terminals) but be warned that the power drops to 30w pc (probably less) when bi-amped...and unless your speakers are very sensitive indeed you'll more than likely wonder why it sounds so absolutely awful. I tried it and it was dire. Marantz recommend biamping but I'd say forget it  - speakers I tried it with were QA Concept 20s 6ohm 88db.

Also, if you use the party mode on the CR603s note that the feature has been removed from the new CR610s. It was a feature I particularly liked so was a bit miffed especially as there's now a CR610 in 3 rooms in our house.

Please try using other speaker with minimum 92db. I hope it will be better. 

And I hope more and more speaker produce speaker better than 90 or 92db


wish list for next year:1. Harddisk

2. DVD

3. Improve the front panel. metal is better than plastic.

4. Better sound quality.

Keep the good things including the 2x 60W. do not make less than 2x 50W

anybody can explain what is the meaning of this :

AGAINSTCould be accused of being a little too refinedCould do with more biteI hope Marantz can try to adjust it little bit so it is better. 

It means the system is a consistently laidback and easy-going performer, which will suit most people well, but if you like your music with a bit more bite and attack it might sound a tad too refined.

Thanks Andy,

I hope many manufacturer read the review and try to adjust it to be better. at least on next version. if not possible in current version


could this drive the



going by the freq response and sensitivity stats it looks like it could??


Yes, it can drive the 2050is.

I haven't seen it in flesh, but it looks rather sinister in pics, in a comical way. Like an offspring between Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper.  '603 is much easier on the eye.

Is the front casework and facia still made of metal, or is it now shiny plastic?

There's no mention of this in the review.

The casework and fascia are made of plastic.

Can it play AIFF lossless files direct through USB from a large hard drive?

No , it can't. The unit will only support FLAC up to 24Bit/192kHz, ALAC to 24Bit/96kHz and WAV 24Bit/192kHz as far as Lossless formats go.

What HIFI team, how does it sound compare to M-CR603 and Denon D-M39?

We think it sounds better than both. Although  the Denon is notably cheaper, so that comes as no surprise.

It looks not so good as the m-cr603, but the japanese version is much nicer.

I wish that that version will come to the UK

Thank you for this review, I was looking forward to it before eventually buying an M-CR610 (to be used in a new house) and was not disappointed.


Due to my location (Mauritius Island), my choices are pretty limited, both locally [not much choice apart from Bang & Olufsen and Bose... though I recently discovered that an estate agent (!) is a DALI authorised retailer; the few other brands available are mostly old models at vastly inflated prices].

Having auditioned a few speakers during my business travels (Dubai is a nice place to try all sorts of equipement), I was wondering if What Hi-Fi?'s experts might be able to advise me as to suitable floorstanders for this new Melody Media.

Basically, I can easily obtain the following brands (shipping being the main issue):

- DALI (Zensor? Lektor? Ikon?)

- Monitor Audio (BX5? RX6?)

- Tannoy (DC6T? DC6TSE?)

I can get a pretty good deal on Tannoy's DC6T (~£450, as I don't have to pay VAT), would you say that they might work properly with this Marantz? The DC6TSE are tempting too but almost twice the price (~£800, though I could haggle quite a bit, especially if I order other stuff from the same seller, including the M-CR610), are they worth such an increase?

The MA RX6s would actually be a little more expensive than the non-SE Tannoys.

I mostly listen to classical, jazz and electronic music (including eurobeat), but otherwise listen to most genres. Oh, and accordion too (such as the late André Verchuren).


Thanks in advance.

I think you'll get the best results with the Tannoy DC6Ts or Dali Zenzor 5s. They both have a sense of life that with work well with the Mrantz's presentation.

Like: plays FLAC and MP3 from USB stick

Like: both FM and DAB

Like: integral CD player


Dislike: no phono in (though I've got a decent headamp)

Dislike: no subwoofer out.

Dislike: it's way too big!

Dislike: no subwoofer out.

It has one:

I hope whathifi can correct the spec. it look like have sub woofer out

Corrected. Thanks for letting us know.


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