Logitech S715i

Tested at £100

Best speaker dock up to £200, Awards 2012. Sturdy enough to take on your travels, it's a capable yet affordable home for your iPod where ever you are.


Hi, Wanting to buy a speaker dock for my daughter to use in her bedroom, but she also wants dab radio. Should i buy this and get her to use an app on her iphone for DAB / internet radio like tunein instead or go for a dock radio como like the revo? Which has better sound? Thanks.

The Pure Contour 100Di has built-in DAB/FM tuner and dock, costs £100, sounds good too:


Unbelievable for the money ! I've had mine for a year now and use it regularly even though I have a high end hi-fi set up. It's incredibly musical for a beer-money priced product. I agree regarding performance on battery however and consequently always run it on mains power which sounds even better when supplied by a Russ Andrews Powerpak.

Hi guys...n Hi Andy..finally got my S715i today!..pretty impressive with its build quality first!!..sturdy enough...liked the remote as well...Sound quality is also very impressive for its size but only disappointed wen it's running on the battery!!..losses the punch!..but for this price range,can't ask for more I reckon!...As this is now for the Portable/Travel purpose whr I'm into caves,does the job...

But pls Andy,pls...Review Kicker iK501 and let us know...as per many user reviews n forums,kicker is much better than the Bose sound dock-ii...so ll b great full if WHF can test n review the kicker iK501!!..might b my next iPod/iPhone wall mains connected Dock!!



Pls suggest folks.. I have short listed three iPod docks to buy for my portable/travel listening needs off my iDevices... But I'm in a fix now for which one to decide among the Logitech S715i with iPod/iPhone dock or the similar clone from Logitech but with Bluetooth Audio streaming called "Wireless Boombox for iPad" and the last but not least on my list ,the Kicker iK501!!   Just because the Kicker lacks a battery option,my first and most important need for use in travelling is eliminated...so i ll hav to decide between the S715i(Awarded best pod dock 100£ by WHF) or the Bluetooth only model!... Some of the reviews scare me about the Bluetooth model for their fragile sound quality and volume levels compared to the S715i..And Andy clough too mentioned that "as a thumb rule,wired or docked ones will have better dynamics and sound over wireless".... So if any one out thr have compared A/B comparison between the two,pls pls pls let me knw ur insights... It ll b of a gr8 help..   Thanks

Hi sunny, you might be better off posting this question in our Forums where you'll probably get a better response.

Yeah rite....I actually did there too:)....but guessed this will also be related here as well....personally,which one do u suggest Andy?....thanks 


hello there..

well there is a similar model from Logitech as of S715i,named "Wireless BoomBox' resembling the same design n speaker arrangment but selling for few extra bucks,has blutooth audio support minus the dock connector for iDevices...

so,which one will of better sound quality?..as few experts believe,audio tranmitted thru Blutooth may result in loss of sound quality and lower volume levels compared to the ones which are directly connected to the dock,which bypasses from the pre-amp section of da portable device..

so it will be of great help if any one ld calrify....THANKS..


As a rule of thumb, a wired or docked connection will generally result in better sound than wireless streaming, but as we haven't tested the Bluetooth version of this model can't comment on a direct A/B comparison between the two.

Thanks Andy....and also,many reviewers and owners of the S715i often complained about the loss of volume levels(very less by few) wen the unit is detached from the mains and operating from the Built-in battery,even wen its fully charged!!

i hope WHF did go thru this,while reviewed S715i lately...but neva commented on how it sounded with n without connection from mains..

Thanks again..


yeh bought this after your reviews , good sound for the money very bassy and lots of top as said before missing a bit of middle just listening to the clash bankrobber and it hold up well , just the job for a second room small system , very happy and for 89.00 probably the best out there , go buy this .Laughing

I really believe you didn't properly lock the stand, because it really is a sturdy one !

Otherwise it sounds great, battery life is more than sufficient at half-volume (which is already loud enough for a medium-sized room), and the maximum volume cures you from deafness Smile


It only lacks a bit medium ; voices don't stand out as much as the bass or higher notes, but it remains acceptable though.


A must buy for that price !

Bought this after reading reviews, and was not dissapointed, sound is far greater than anything in its price range, only loses a little edge when playing on battery alone, but apart from that if you have the pennies to spend, then this is the one to buy in the budget range.....


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