Lindy LDAC-Pro

Tested at £350

All the bells and whistles can’t mask the disappointing sonic performance from this specced-out Lindy DAC


I own this model and disagree with the conclusion.  Not only  does it have more features than any DAC in its class, the HDMI input makes it possible to listen to the latest HD Audio Blu-ray concerts, none of the other DACs in this price range can do that.  The original uncompressed LPCM 24/192K soundtrack with full bandwidth and dynamic range can be heard, only over HDMI v1.3.  

The comparison to other DACs sonically is fake, nobody can hear the differences between all the good DACs in double blind AB tests, they are all great.  The reviewer was simply unkind to a brand he didnt know, shame on him. This is a great DAC, nothing better for the money.

We only report as we find. We've also been aware of the Lindy brand for a number of years now, so the less than positive review isn't due brand status.


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