Lacie Lacinema Classic HD

Tested at £190

If you want Apple style usability this nippy little streamer may just be the thing you're looking for


I have had this Lacie box since the review so around a year now and I thought I'd add my own opinion.


I use it for movies, MKV and M2TS files mainly and have to say the video quality to a 10ft wide projected screen is spot on.  Ok so I'm pumping it through an HQV Reon processing amp and 3k projector but I have also tried it directly into a 50inch Panasonic plasma and the video is still spot on.


The audio is excellent as well though yes it would appear that it did only play standard DTS/Dolby Digital originally and not DTS-MA or Dolby True-HD.  An update may have fixed that but I'm using it as a 2nd device now as streaming from it to a PS3 in projector room so I couldn't say.


Musically it plays 320kbps files very clearly passing it through digitally to an amp that is doing the DAC.  I have had no problems with menu speed or this timestamp problem.


I think the unit on the whole is fab especially when you can pick it up for £125 from Dabs and it comes with 1TB as well...


PS. posted this April 2nd 2011.

The menus are made up of large white icons on a black screen so it's relatively easy to navigate, if maybe not quite as slick as Apple TV in that regard.

I'm thinking of buying one of these units however I have a question regarding how one browse's for media. It's all very well saying as good as an Apple TV but without the restrictions, but one of the real plus points of the apple TV is it's media library. Does this unit have one in any way shape or form. Browsing by file structure is fine for me but no good for my family. I will ony upgrade from XBMC if this is the case. Any input would be appreciated. Tks

I'd be interested to know how the HD audio was played back from the MKV and M2TS files.

A friend has one of these, but we've only been able to get the DTS core of DTS-HD MA tracks played from an M2TS file.

Video plays fine, but getting HD-quality surround sound is proving more of a problem.  FLAC and AAC soundtracks appear to play only in stereo.

just got this unit this evening and very happy with it so far... music great off it and all downloads played so far without hic ups! yahoo!


great picture.but.........

review has been altered online!!!

will not output HD soundtracks (dolbytruehd or dts-ma)

LPCM only has stereo output

menus are slow

I bought one of these off the back of the review it's very small and quiet and plays all my media files. The only problem is the NAS aspect.  If I create a new file on this it has a timestamp of 01/01/2000 01:nn where nn is the number of minutes the Lacie has been on for.  Lacie support are currently looking in to a solution for me - will keep you updated...

Update - it's taken two months for Lacie to admit the timestamp fault (when using over the network)after suggesting a number of improbable causes - you can see the support ticket on Lacie's website. Also copying files over the network is very slow - considerabley slower than the 5 year old Maxtor Shared Storage this was to replace. A shame because I had high hopes for this after reading such a good review in What Hifi, but ultimately it has proved a disapointment and I am now returning it to Amazon for a refund.

By the way, the test was done using the same optical cables between DVD & AVR as HD & AVR. My test movie was Avatar & the Eagles on Mp3-320kpbs, WAV & FLAC.

I recently bought the LaCinema HD based upon this review. I am just a regular user playing mainly Xvid HD movies & nothing below 192kps music tracks. Unfortunately, I don't have an HD TV & so my connections were high quality composite cables & QED performance optical to the AVR. Overall both the picture and sound quality were far inferior than playing the same video or audio files on a pen drive through the USB port on my cheapy DVD player. Video image was not at all clear, colours were dull & it did not manage to pick up on the finer, more subtle details of background sound. Music tracks, compared to an old IPOD 5G connected to the avr via an apple doc, which is far from qualtity sound, were virtually unlistenable. Playing even WAV or FLAC sound just so awful that it hurt my ears. So, my advice is that if you are willing to spend just as much money in very high quality cables to make this HD sound half decent then fine - go ahead. If not, I am sure you can get 10 times better quality at less than half the price.


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