KEF R100 5.1

Tested at £2850

Best traditional package £2500-£3500, Awards 2013. It looks gorgeous and it sounds fantastic – what more could you want?


I tested the kit yesterday with the R100 and then the R300 as front speakers for my ne home cinema set up. Brilliant sound and on my definite final list to buy, i was told that the Pioneer LX 86 would drive the rig sweeter than the LX 56 any comments please ??

Well yes, in absolute terms, the LX86 sounds even better than the LX56, but both are excellent in their own right. If you can run to the LX86, then go for it.

Just wanted to find out what would be the best Amp to use them with?

Thanks in advance!


One of the Award-winning Pioneers would drive them nicely, either the SC-LX56 or SC-LX86.

Fantastic, Thanks a lot!

Just out of interest did You test them with any of those in order to come

to the conclusion they were so good?

The Pioneer SC-LX86 was indeed used as part of the test.

thank you for your review and yes the r series is out off concurrence 

i just upgrade this system for stereo issue in front whit the r300

its amaizing 

How is it with stereo music?

what more could we want? hmm.. a pair of r700 upfront,either 5 or 7.1. Would be some more of a dark wood finish though. Wink


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