KEF Q700

Tested at £1000

A promising presentation comprehensively scuppered by ill-disciplined low frequencies


Total tosh from WHF, but like me they are entitled to their opinion.

I have demoed various floorstanders in the same price bracket and the Q700's won hands down, please don't let their review put you off - give them a try!

I demo'ed these KEF Q700's when they first came out, and am a little surprised with the negative comments regarding the bass frequencies.

Both the Q700 and Q500, im my opinion, are free from 'muddled bass'. In fact, the bass on the Q700, especially, was very impressive and tight indeed. The Q500's have less in terms of bass response (smaller design), but offer excellent, tight bass in smaller rooms.

Ultimately I went home with the smaller Q500's due to the size of my lounge. The Q500's were good in the demo room, but at home, they improved in their bass response dramatically. They are perfect for my 14' x 12' lounge.

Please don't let this review make you take them off your demo list.....I recommend you demo them, with other makes, and see for yourself.

It's surprising for me to read the negative comment on bass performance of Q700. I made a lot of comparisons to similarly priced speakers and decided on Q700. What I hear at home is even better than my test impressions, which is a balanced sound with a spacious stage. My amplifier is a Marantz PM-15S1.

Could it be a bad day for the tester at What hi-fi? I certainly disagree with him on muddled bass response.

Let me start by saying, I implore WHF to review these incredible speakers again. My set up: A Denon 1910, KEF 3005 SE and the Q700s replacing the front 3005 eggs, Audioquest X2 biwirable speaker cables were used for this set up. My first impressions - BIG BOLD sound from KEF. I did not hear any muddled bass whatsoever. I did try a coupe of configurations. Most definitely the biwirable configuration is the way to go. First things first, my current denon settings are as follows: The dynamic volume and EQ has been "enabled". This is just my personal taste. The Dynamic volume effect was set to "Day" indicating low setting providing the least adjustments to the loudest and softest of sounds.The front speakers have been set to "Large" and any frequency less than 40Hz has been set to be played by the subwoofer. I used a combination of audyssey auto set up and manual set up for speaker configuration. The first set up was using the front A + B channels to power the Q700s. I would like to emphasize the bass was never muddled at any point, but I was unable to hear the crystal clear highs in one of the speakers. At this point, I wasn't sure if something was wrong with the speaker, or the speaker wire or if one of the channels were broken in the amp. After some arduous test, I realized that the screw up was on the audyssey auto set up and the way I had made the biwirable speaker connections. Next step was to use the Denon recommended bi amp configuration followed by auto set up and some manual fine tuning to suit to my taste. Voila! the highs were crystal clear, the mids are very articulate and informative. The bass is very controlled, tight and deep.

EDIT: I just turned off the "Dynamic Volume" Audyssey setting. The highs and mids are just unreal. I can't believe what I am hearing.

EDIT: The bass is muddled when I use Xbox as the media center streaming music from my PC. However, with Squeezebox, there is no muddled bass. Clean, tight, well controlled deep bass. 


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