JBL OnBeat Xtreme

Tested at £500

Awards 2012 Product of the Year - Speaker Docks. A fun-looking, fun-sounding dock that’s worth every penny of its asking price


Hi everyone, I bought the Onbeat Extreme in December 2012 for £249. I am absolutely delighted with the audio quality. It sounds amazing and precise with deep base and good detail. I have compared the sound to the B&W A7 and I preferred the JBL. I did not find the clamps to be"flimsy" either. They seem pretty sturdy to me. I have repeatedly changed clamps to use with my iPhone / iPad and they come off and clip on easily if you bend them around the central arm, and the sticky rubber edges really grip the iOS device securely. I don't mind having to buy a lightening adapter for iPhone 5 if it means I can get a speaker dock which originally came to market at £450 for only £249. what a bargain!!! JH

Well bought the OnBeat Xtreme 2days ago...been loving it...excellent lows,sensible mids and decent highs...loved if thrz a lil more space with highs though,for the punchy bass this gives out,but again it's all personal preference and perception with audio/sound..

Apparently,it turns out,it's just 90Watts of power and not 120w as claimed by WHF...goes like this as per the manual---

30W*2(mid/bass drivers) + 15*2(tweeters) =90Watts.

Anywayz,am very very happy with the purchase...I'm Lovin it:)

A big thanks to WHF and Andy....cheers!


Hello Andy...a very happy new year to you and all the WHF patrons..

Well regarding the best sound quality and loud volumes between the ONBEAT XTREME and the B&W ZEPPELIN AIR,the JBL is better than the Zeppelin?..wish Andy clears it out once and for all:)

I bought Logitech S715i upon WHF's reviews and it's a good dock for its  price but after using it for 4months I was and am wanting a lil more large room filling and extra punchy sound.So was auditioning Bose soundock and ONBEAT xtreme but have absolutely no access to the Zeppelin Air!!...

Loved the Bose soundock portable for its Battery operation but for its price,mediocre audio output,I feel...and today I was blown out by the ONBEAT's sound both interms of sound quality and loud levels!!...but apparently there is no battery operation on JBL!...but I prefer sound quality to portability here.

So that leaves me to Zeppelin and ONBEAT XTREME!..I have no way to audition Zeppelin Air in my place and near by..so I totally rely on WHF/Andy Clough in suggesting one between Zeppelin air and the ONBEAT XTREME..

Pls help...



Well as we voted the OnBeat Xtreme as our 2012 Product of the Year in this category, I think that answers your question Smile And we use one constantly in our office to listen to Spotify.

Okay Andy....am gonna be heading to JBL show room in next couple of hours then:)

thanks a lot,again!

Does not fit with iphone 5 or new Ipod generation 5 which means it only works with bluetooth however as apple does not support bluetooth high quality transport formats, it means that this fanatatic bit of kit has been lmiited, with the launch of the new apple kit. However, it works with iphone4s ipads etc just a crying shame apple has ruined the longevity of this product but changing the adpater points in iphone 5 and ipod.

Can't you just buy the new Apple Lightning connector and use that?

Yes, although not by a massive margin.

Is What Hi Fi saying this is truely better than the  B&W Zeppelin Air ?


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