Icecrypt T2400 (2TB)

Tested at £330

Loads of storage for your money but could do with more polish and more features


After nearly 6 months use I am generally happy with this STB. I was lucky to pickup the unit on special deal at SuperFi and with 2TB storage it requires some housekeeping as it is easy to just record everyting. And of course you can setup a media partition and ftp music, video, etc. - I have watched some HD movie downloads via this method and the results where very good - no breakup, stuttering, etc.

Whilst the comment on needing 'more polish' is valid I do not agree with the criticism of the menu - whilst it is not Sky+ it is quite useable. As previously stated on the forums Humax offering is apparently more user friendly but this must be partly due to the fact that it has had a longer development  cycle.

Leaving aside the current shortfall of features available in comparison to the competition my only issues have been occcaisional lockups and the need to power-up the device in a certain sequence,  i.e. I have the T2400 attached to an Onkyo TX-NR807 with a last generation Pioneer Kuro PDPLX508D and sometimes the AV amp delivers sound but no picture if the startup sequence is incorrect - however, as some Onkyo users must have experienced, the amp has been back twice to Genserve with HDMI board issues?

To sum up a good unit if you can get a good deal and with some further firmware upgrades this could well be one of the best Freview HD+ STB available.

I would recommend taking a look at Nigel Whitfield's excellent blog Gone Digital for latest update on this unit.


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