Humax DTR-T1000

Tested at £300

Best Digital HD recorder, Awards 2012. This long-awaited box is a mighty fine PVR, and a hassle-free introduction to the world of catch-up and on-demand TV


Poor product and even worse customer service from Humax. Many improvements needed to product itself and the value Humax places in their customers!

We've had this product now for about 3 months and there are many areas that need improving, but the main one I'd like to focus on is the remote control. It's never really worked propery from day one, but we thought we'd persevere. It can take anything from 2 seconds to 2 minutes to change channel. Sometimes the remote doesn't work at all. I finally reached the end of my tether today and contacted Humax technical support and the response I got was baffling and frankly unbelievable. They said that there is "not a problem with the product" but because I've got it on a glass shelf in a AV cabinet it might not work due to the fact it works from infrared. Funny that! - no other product I've ever had has had this problem. If this is the case they should state it when you buy it. Their solution - "get rid of the AV cabinet and buy a new one!!!!". Hmmm, yes - I'd love to buy a new AV cabinet at an extra cost of a couple of hundred pounds just so your rubbish product might stand a chance of working!. 

The principle of Youview is generally a good one, and it's nice being able to catch up on anything you've forgetten to record over the last 7 days. The menus are OK, but I don't like the very dated looking orangy/red lcd display (especially when it's mixed with the other part of the lcd display which is a cool blue). The fact that it doesn't have built-in wifi is also disappointing, but at least I knew this when I bought it. Instead, unless you've got a broadband socket next to your tv, you'll need to buy some special plug adapters from TPlink or similar.  

The other downside for me is that I previously had the TV plugged into my Klipsch sound dock via a 3.5mm jack, which whilst not amazing sound was very much better than the tv alone.  I've tried running Youview through the Klipsch and whilst the sound does come through on it, it's so quiet that it's not really worth it. So, now I'm probabably going to need to buy a proper soundbar too Sad Now, I don't know whether this is a 'problem' with the Youview box as such or whether that just how all of these youview boxes work, but either way it is frustrating. The final thing is that Youview takes an age to initiate from standby - again, very frustrating. Maybe this is down to me having the "wrong sort of cabinet for Humax products" again!!! 


Ive been running one of these for a couple of months now (from BT) and there are a couple of significant downsides; one that winds me up and one that winds up my other half.

My main moan is that it's quite common to get lip-sync problems. I've seen it reported elsewhere that this can be a problem with the NowTV on-demand service, but I get it just watching TV.

The missus finds navigating the menus to find what she's after both slow and counter intuitive, and after years of Sky's superb interface, I'm inclined to agree with her.

After Sky, I'm afraid the Humax experience is only 3ish stars for me


Initially very impressed, on demand can be a bit flaky in terms of initial connection failing, but my biggest issue is the fact that you cannot search the standard terrestrial TV guide, a basic feature which was available on my old pvr-3900t device. I telephone the Humax support line to be put on hold for 10 minutes an subjected to awful hold music only to be taken off hold and then hung up on! So emailed '' on the 12th of November, still no reply so emailed instead and finally got a reply today:


“Apologies for the delay in response, unfortunately the DTR-T1000 does not have the ability to search for programmes through the guide. This facility may be added in a software update however no dates have been confirmed. “


 Come on Humax, this is a basic feature!

Now regretting purchasing the device, unless Humax offer this feature ASAP I will be sending it back.


We've had our Humax YouView box for a couple of weeks now and are really pleased. It just does what you want it to do simply and easily. I really would have a think about what @petrescue and a few others are saying and ask yourself if you really care about obscure funtionality like manualy setting recordings. I've had 3-4 PVRs since about 2003 and I've not once wanted to manually set a recording, I can't for the life of me think why you would, there's a program guide, you just click record! With regard to missing the start/end of a programe, this is nothing to do with YouView (or indeed any other Freeview+ device) this is controlled by the broadcaster. if they don't send the signal to start correctly then you can miss the start/end. Again, in all the years I've been using a PVR this has happened very rarely. Anyone who compares YouView with a PC is quite frankly not living in the real world, who wants to huddle around a laptop or go to the hassle of plugging one into a TV then not having a remote etc etc? YouView is a significant leap forward for people who want to watch On-Demand TV in their living room with the family, without having to mess around with computers. Given the price difference between a decent Freeview+HD box and the Humax YouView box there is simply no contest.

I have had this box since the start of the trial, some 3 months ago. I am not sure which box the reviewer tested but it sounds nothing like my Humax DTR-T100. It looks just like my Humax HDR-FOX T2 on the outside. That is where all similarity ends. The YV box is missing so many basic functions that one has come to expect from even the cheapest PVR.

Unable to pad recordings or manually set timers. Missing out start and/or end of programs. Less On demand programs than are available on my PC or Laptop.

The missing features and faults with the box are too numerous to mention.

I would sugest that anyone contemplating this box reads the user forum first. All the problems are listed there. It will be months if not years before this box is fit for purpose.


Link to User Forum


Well , have had this a week now, 1st impressions were good until next morning. This box has a know issue with loosing channels. BBC 1, 2  on channels 001, 002 lost and replaced by 801 and 802. This would not normally be a problem as being a proud ower of the PVR 9200 i knew i could rescan but NO , if i did i would loose my recordings. A quick check on the net found a hidden Maintenance menu where a rescan could be done without loss of recorded programs. I decided to do the rescan later but found on day 3 that BBC radio channels 1 to 6 had disapeared. This did not please my wife as the box is usually on Radio 2 all day. The box also goes into standby after 2,3 or 4 hours so i got a call saying the box had gone off during the day.

Days 2 and 4 the On demand started saying could not connect even thought the connections checked out ok, i needed to power off and back on again to get it working , without needing to reset the router or modem. The bland message ,check Youview error YV104 came up each time.

If you cross check what a PVR 9200 does with this box you find there  are ALOT of functions you are missing, too many to list but all on the Youview forum to check against.

Don't get me wrong , I am a big fan of the Humax boxes we ( other  family members ) have 4 between us and apart from the " pain " of having to rescan every time channels are juggled we all think they are great.

Get this box IF  you are willing to put up with power resets,  re scans, missing features that you thought " must be on this box " as your old PVR 9200 has them and don't mind waiting for Humax to provide automatic updates via the net. Apparently a new update is on the cards for the end of October 2012  which should fix the " loss of channels "and the thought of Netflix as a ( remote) possability is enough to keep me from returning it for a refund until they produce something that works out of the box as a £250 "premium " device should.

I could go on but you probably get the idea.

By the way the Hidden Maintenance function worked a treat and when it works, the On demand side is "great fun " and HD content a treat.


Sorry to hear about your channel problems. Seems to affect a very small subset of people in particular geographic areas and will be fixed in a couple of weeks according to a post on the forum:

And just to correct, doing a channel rescan from Settings won't lose your completed recordings - there's no need to use the maintenance mode.

I've had the box for 3 weeks now and am pretty impressed. Had an initial problem with some content on 5 not downloadable but this has now cleared up, don't know whether this was box related or channel 5 end. Some of the hd content is truly impressive Don't think sky now tv at £15.00 per month is worth it, I know you can get all the top titles, but a year down the line they'll probably be on netflix or love film at much less and there's every possibility that they or something like them will appear on you view. Now if it could do internet radio as well....!

PS For any one with children there's now Milk Shake on demand by 5 , purely for kiddies with the likes of peppa pig and Mr men series available for free!

I can understand that ethernet may well provide a more stable environment for many homes but to not be wi-fi at £300 with only a 500gb disc is inexcusable.  My bluray was not much more than £100 and that is wi-fi.

Biggest downside for me is that is does not currently kick out 5.1 sound which is a big let down!  I participated in the trial and got to keep the box and can confirm that the picture quality is excellent and the user interface very intuitive - It just needs the ability to streem content stored on my Mac and the ability to send 5.1 audio to my Yamaha and it will be perfect! 


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