Google Nexus 7

Tested at £159

Awards 2012 Product of the Year - Portables. We like the form factor and we love the price. A cut-price, top-performing, super-portable tablet


The rot of the Apple! Carphone Warehouse 32GB Nexus 7 £179 + VAT!!!!!

all the reviews on tablets in recent review have not addressed if a dac can be used, confusing information out there, I would have thought that the team would address this issue, surely lovers of music would like to improve the sound through headphones... usb audio out?

That's a great stand that's used in the video accompanying this piece - does anyone know brand/model and where I might be able to buy it?

Loved the size, functionality and power. 

BUT just got a refund from Tesco for mine as the screen cracked, one crack from the bottom left corner to half way up the right hand side.  All I did was put it on charge.  This really is not good enough. I've heard that there was a production fault with the early ones,  so I'm going to buy a second one and hope it's fixed.

If someone at What Hi-fi could look into this it would be very helpful.

I have mine for about 3 weeks now, i agree with most of the review bar the sound quality. I use sennheiser ie80's and i dont think the sound is up there with my Galaxy Nexus phone which in turn wouldnt be regarded as the best in terms of audio out there. Otherwise loving the tablet. Have been able to get decent audio with poweramp and using its equaliser. I dont really care about flash as I think its way to powerhungry for mobile devices..

Installing FireFox beta and Flash resolves the biggest problem - flash video support. I think that Google made an error releasing this without flash support in its new native Chrome browser. So one day everyone will be using HTML5 and flash will be redundant, but Chrome for Android isn't going to force everyone to update their sites to full HTML5 standards - not for a good few years!

Meanwhile, FireFox will start to take Chrome mobile's share. A stupid oversite!

Otherwise, the Nexus 7 really is a great little device. I just love it.

£159 is truly incredible.  As this is said to be shipping at a loss it would be very interesting to know what the real price would be.


Do you have any insight into the likely retail price, which is an indicator of future undiscounted products?  This would also give an impression of the actual value.

ive read articles stating the components in the nexus 7 come to about 190 dollars.. so there isnt a huge amount of profit there for google..

Not sure what you mean by the 'real' price. PC World is selling the 16GB version for £199, 8GB one is £159.

The tablet doesn't support Flash or the default browser doesn't? I've installed Dolphin browser on my ICS TouchPad and Flash vids are fine so I assume you could do the same here?



Hi Roger, as we said - there are fixes around. As it happens we did try Dolphin and it didn't work. The reported fix seems to be installing a beta version of Firefox and then the Flash plugin. That said, that still didn't work entirely competently for us... Hence, we'd want a neater solution.

I thought that the New iPad was not permitted to be described as 4G in the UK and very many other jurisdictions.  

I appreciate that this website is global but I believe the ipad is non-4G in more countries than it is 4G.  

So why the 4G description as the alternative to the Nexus?????


relocated wrote:
So why the 4G description as the alternative to the Nexus?????

It's a hangover from the original review time, which was before the 4G situation was clarified. It's being corrected. but may take a little while to flush through all the caches for the various sections of the site.

Thank you Andrew for attending to this so swiftly,  I don't know how many bends the flush needs to work through but the one I pointed out has certainly cleared.  Thanks again.

Have to agree with the review. For someone who has wanted an iPad, but hesitated at the price, the Nexus is phenomenal value.

Have been using the device for about two weeks now and love it. Smooth and fast and have been impressed with most of the apps I've tried from Play. Highly recommended.


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