Google Nexus 10

Tested at £390

A superb display, fast interface and competitive price make the Nexus a great bet


Although this is widely acknowledged to be the 1st full size Android tablet to be a credible contender, I think your almost unqualified 5 star rating is a odds with all the top reviews that have been carried out so far.

The range of scores being from 7/10 to 8.5/10.

The most notable deficiencies include....

the screen (poor contrast ratio, weak blacks, tinted whites and slightly innacurate colour temperatures)

Camera (Engadget said - "The 5-megapixel camera on the back failed in virtually every case to take a compelling shot. Complex images were too soft and simpler images were often rendered with curious color temperatures that had little to do with reality", an opinion mirrored in several reviews).

sub-par battery life (under intensive testing scoring 2.5 hrs less than Samsung's own Tab 10.1, almost 3 hrs less than the Transformer Prime, 2 hrs less than the Transformer TF700, 3.5 hrs less than the iPad 4, 2 hrs less than the Surface RT.

You have already noted the less than premium feel.

16:10 screen ratio is not ideal for anything but video

the orientation, shape, back panel and speaker postion meaning it is less than comfortable to hold in portrait mode.

Other issues are more to do with Android, such as the already mentioned lack of tablet optimised apps and the still less than totally smooth operation in certain modes (browsing etc).

Nontheless, for the price it is certainly worth considering and a step up from it's nearest competitor, Samsung's own Note 10.1.




I'd take one over the iPad even at the same price. And I find the existing 16:10 ratio of my current galaxy tab 8.9"! far more useful than the far too square (for me) 4:3.

Horses for courses though, but it looks like a winner to me.

True enough. It's a substantial saving, copy amended.

'Offering a few quid saving on the new iPad' - Um, £80 - 90 saving over a comparable iPad is hardly a few quid...

The stated video battery life in 'Tech specs' states 20 hours?

I believe that a 32gb wifi ipad 4 is priced at @ £480 and the Nexus 10 is @ £390.  Hardly,  "Offering a few quid saving on the new iPad".  £90 might be nothing to you but I suspect many people will think the discount quite substantial and worthy of more note.


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