Samsung Galaxy S

Tested at £430

Best multimedia phone, Awards 2010. Desirable, capable and great value; the iPhone 4 has met its match


best phone i have had, install voodo sound from the market to vastly improve sound quality 

Great fone all I need now is a app for sky sports.

My wife has this phone, and I have the HTC Desire. When comparing the two - the HTC comes out on top in both our opinions. Mainly as it's much quicker to open/close apps, browse the web and has many more functions/options (even though they're both Android phones).

The HTC desire plays my losslessy ripped WAV files over WiFi from my WD NAS. Will this??? If so, love it long time.

Have had this phone for a week now. Have had teething problems with it but nothing a re-boot hasn't solved. It seems to have settled down now.

The only slightly annoying thing for me is, kind of, having to open each text message twice before the notification symbol will disappear. I say 'kind of' as anything over a certain word limit would have to be 're-opened' or expanded to read it all anyway.

Really, I'm being picky; it works like a dream...and I've tried the iPhone 4. I'm not anti the iPhone at all, I nearly got one instead. I think it's probably more rock solid in use but the pay off for that use-ability is a kind of claustrophobia, (apple world) for me anyway.

Those with concerns over the lack of flash should be reassured that, all the while it would probably be nice to have the facility, this phone's camera takes good low-light images. (Actually, I have found it quite nice to not have to think to disable the flash when I don't want it). Plus, for £2.49 you can download 'Vignette' (or photo app of your choice) and turn the camera into an incredibly flexible and creative tool.

Bear in mind you will need to open a Google email account to download app's.

What else? Battery life I've read complaints about. I've used my phone frequently today; 40mins internet browsing (varying signal levels), two calls (maybe 10 minutes each...endless text to and fro, email 'push' set to on, lot's of camera usage. Anyway, it's 10pm and I've got 75% battery left. You can turn off email push, lower screen brightness...carry a spare battery! Smile

Oh, and to answer FunkyMonkey, yes.

I hope this has been of some use. Cheers, Ratto.


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