Fisual Havana Speaker Cable

Tested at £4

If your kit is bright-sounding, this budget cable could be the ticket


I have this cable running between a Rega Brio 3 amp and Rega R3 speakers, previously I had Rega,s own SC42 cable.

Whilst it was a detailed sound I always found it a touch harsh and using the Fisual cables in its place has solved this problem.

So as the review says if your system is a touch on the bright side this cable is a must try. As it's worked well for me and could do for others too.

They also make an interconnect of the same name and it's a cracker!


I assume the cable being tested is the 2.5 version, having tried other manufactures speaker cables I found this to be by far the best, detail is exceptional you can hear echoes and reverbs and notes that get lost on other cables, plus it sounds natural not forced in any way, give it plenty of time to burn in.


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