Fatman iTube Valve Dock Mk II

Tested at £400

A sound of valve-y warmth and intimacy, but not an all-round champion


Fabulous we are indifferent about what hi fi says about the fatman speakers. We love them, we have them on sound style stands filled with sand and they honestly  look good and  sound good.. to us

Husband runs a Rotel CD player through it and we in love with the sound. Donald Fagen 3 CD's  sound great  The only bug bearer is and its a big one

The valves themselves your very aware of them.

we have no cover on ours.

Where as  our Rotel  amp stays on permanently 24/7.

Husband feel the fatman has to be turned of at night, Because he thinks the valves will last longer. Deserve some respect. Dusting round it too one has to be careful not to burn yourself  


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