Epson EH-TW5910

Tested at £900

Product of the Year, Awards 2013. Exciting and immersive, this Epson projector is still as impressive as ever


I''m astonished to find that this model, and it's bigger brother, do not have any form of lens shift. I've been looking to upgrade my projector (Sony VPL-HW10) for something that will handle 3d, but out here in the real world, I can't have the projector at the same height as the screen (it's ceiling mounted, surely I'm not the only one), so lens shift is essential. Yes I could tilt it, and the Epsons do have keystone correction, but why should I fundamentally compromise the very same image quality that I've just carefully selexted and paid good money for. More worryingly however, is that the lack of lens shift is not mentioned in the What HiFi reviews, or tech specs of either projector. I got very tempted by a Richer Sounds offer on the 6100, and it was only because I had a few minutes to spare that I checked reviews on other sites, and spotted the problem. No sure I'm so confident about "the world's most trusted tech reviews" anymore.....

I have just purchased this item and i think its superb, yes you can hear the lens motor a little, but if the film is good enough you don't even notice it and when the other half asked about i explained simply and she understood and agreed, as far as light levels go it is very bright even in daylight and my screen is at 90deg to a very large window and with sun shining it was still possible to see a reasonable picture, i did buy a glass beaded screen on advice from other forums as they are supposed to be better reflectivity in daylight conditions

I hope whathifi add LED/ Hybryd Projector catagory.

LED/ Hybrid is more economic for long term.



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