Epoz AktiMate Mini

Tested at £350

Anyone who sneers at the description of iPod as 'hifi' needs to hear a pair of these


Fantastic speakers, use with a separate dac and stands / plinth and you can't go wrong. Also just added a small sub to mine which makes all the difference. Very impressive.

Last week, a white pair arrived our dem room and when we first put it on, we found it sounds rubbish (we usually listen to 20k system but we are always interested on Active speakers).

However, I used one of our antique classic what hi-fi super award winner Philips CD-850mkII (£100 from Ebay) with a pair of MAD MyBaby Interconnect £54.99 www.madengland.com . The difference are bloody huge and dug out the true potential of this pair of little White gem.

When compare it with the ATC SCM-7, it is far from that kind of stereo image and perfected midrange and deep bass, but it is not fair to compare it with a £510 speaker + £1500 ATC amplifier. The stereo imaging is there, with well balanced bass and an overall clean and clear picture, and definitely it sounds much better than those £500 japanses 5.1/7.1 rubbish from Richer Sound. And I assure you this sounds much better than a pair of Epos with MF and Cambridge Audio budget range stuff.

The only down side of this speaker is the bass is not deep enough and you don't get as much dynamic as speakers like SCM-7 or ProAC tablette, but the overall picture is musical.  

There is another reason why it is in our demo room, we wanted to try it with Sonos and Musical Fidelity V-DAC. With ZP-90, it sounds better than the IPOD with same songs, Norah Jones sounds more sexy and her breath are obviously much deeper with more character and charm. When we play the Eagles Hotel California, the drums sounded deep and punchy but the dynamic is spacious ambient is far from the ATC-SCM-7, but again we probably should never compare the two, they are different stuffs.

However, we decided to stock this speaker after an hour of listening. We the V-DAC added on, it enabled you to hear much more your don't hear with the Sonos. My suggestion is if you don't mind to pay a bit more, get the speaker with a V-DAC together and you will become a winner.  Please visit our e-shop www.shop.madengland.com . One more thing, the finish of this speaker is in such a high standard, and I doubt very much you can get something better than this for such a low price.


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