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Ecosse CS2.4

Tested at £9

A lack of sophistication means the CS2.4 suffers when compared with its rivals at this price

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  • Punchy presentation
  • Agility
  • Detail


  • Indifferent treble
  • Pricey

Plug in the Ecosse and you’re drawn in by a tight, punchy presentation.

Daft Punk’s Lose Yourself To Dance sounds agile and light-footed, and you certainly can’t criticise this cable for a lack of drive.


There’s a good level of detail on display, while Pharrell’s vocal sounds focused and expressive and there’s more than enough weight and solidity in the bass. 

But the longer you listen, the more aware you become of a lack of sophistication. Highs in particular don’t sound as cultured or refined as they should – there’s a slight hint of fizz which takes away from the enjoyment.

The Ecosse doesn’t allow rhythms and emotions to translate as easily as they do through the likes of the Van den Hul Clearwater.


At half the money the Ecosse would be good value, but there’s just too much good competition fighting it out at this money to convince us it’s worth the extra.

Review updated on 20.02.14

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