Arcaydis DM1

Tested at £299

A fantastic speaker for the money, capable of putting more expensive models to shame


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I've just had my first session with a pair of these I bought from ebay. I looked at their web site and they weren't taking orders so a quick look on ebay showed one pair for sale with 9 hours to go. Even better the seller lived 5 miles from me so it was a done deal. I bought them to supplement my new Samsung 3D telly which has a terrific picture but so-so sound to say the least. As the stands or amp I ordered hadn't arrived yet I hooked them up to my hi-fi for a listen.Hi-fi consists of the following: Quad 11L's, Audiolab 8000, DACMagic and Sonos ZP90. All my music is now coded in FLAC files. Well' I'm beginning to wish I hadn't as I don't want to part with them in my hi-fi system. The best way to describe them is "effortlessly musical". I could talk about bass, treble etc. , but half way through the second song I was playing, I realised that I was simply enjoying the music. They draw you in by their sheer musicality. For the price they must be the best bargain around. When my new amp comes(Bantam Gold 25W/Channel), I'm expecting excellent sounds, but might even consider swapping the Quad's for another pair of these speakers.

Have you tried phoning Arcaydis on +44 1562 865788?

Hi, can anyone tell me how long it takes fo rthe Arcaidys to arrive. I've ordered from EU (Spain) two months ago. It is find waiting, I can manage. But I was unable of getting an order confirmation (other than paypal) nor any confirmaton from Arcaydis, even if I have send them messages.

Experiences anyone?



Having purchased these small speakers before Christmas, They have replaced the Mission 35i Floorstanders. I purchased them to replace the large speakers to keep the other half happy. However it's not been the downgrade I was expecting. They are so musical that they make the Missions sound clinical and un-appealing in comparison. They are unfussy in positioning, however slightly toed in and at least one metre from the wall is a good starting point.

They don't seem too worried about what I've used to drive them, using my old Marantz sr6200, the not so old Sony str-dg820 before promoting them to the Primary Denon AVR 2808 amp (sadly still a PS3 being the main source at this stage). They have been quite happy with all three prompting the good points without dwelling no the no so good attributes of each.

I look forward to the day that the company make a + version that has biwire capabilty.

will they perform with Pioneer VSX D814 amplifier?

I have just purchased a pair of DM1's having read the reviews. They replace my old Heybrook HB1's and are barely half the size. The oak veneer blends in nicely with the rest of the oak in our living room. I think I have just re-discovered the joy of music. The dynamic range, control of the superb bass and detail of sound in the midtones and treble are amazingly stunning. Bearing in mind the price of these speakers, it's hard to imagine anything else could compete for quality of build and sound within this price range. The 40 days it took to produce them to order was well worth the wait. Well done Arcaydis.


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