Denon D-M39DAB

Tested at £310

Best music system up to £400, Awards 2013. A stunning sounding system, that makes up for its lack of features in pure sonic ability


people reporting that they cannot play music from USB correctly ?i hope denon support play music from USB Thum drive or from USB Harddisk according to playlist.

and it must work with latest iphone and android phone too



I hope they can improve:

1. Add Internet

2. Audio out if we want to use external amplifier

3. Better speaker

4. Improve the display

5. Android remote please. and How about smaller speaker (as long as the sound is not so much lost)

and others

Hello, I have a Denon UD-M31 and have been thinking about upgrading.

One thing putting me off is the fact that mu UD-M31 has a very audible 'hissing' sound from the speakers whenever the unit is switched on. It's extremely irritating and something that simply doesn't happen with true 'separates' systems.

I've tried changing speaker cables but this doesn't help. I have the standard speakers that were supplied with the UD-M31.

Does anyone who owns a RCD-M39DAB know if this is still the case with the latest Denon?


I suggest you come to nearby audio store and test it. 

I believe there is no such problems

Denon have been making these shoe-box sized micro systems for many years - I remember the UD-M30 I had and loved very well.  The RCD-M39DAB is the latest of these compact CD receivers and it is extremely capable.  It is, however, very important to check the settings to get the best out of it.  Out of the box, the M39DAB's 'Speaker Optimisation' feature is switched on.  This feature modifies the frequency response to suit Denon's own speakers, but if you are not using these you would be better to switch the feature off via the SETUP menu.  I'm using the Denon with Q Acoustics 2020i speakers and the whole thing sounds much more natural with the feature switched off.  Also, make sure you use the TONE SDB button to select Source Direct.

Everything works well on this Denon.  Whereas some previous versions (D-M37DAB and D-M38DAB) suffered from uneven volume increments I can't detect any such issue on the '39.  DAB reception, even using the supplied wire aerial, is excellent and the connectivity has enabled me to connect my turntable (via a Cambridge 540p phono stage) to the analogue inputs, and my Squeezebox Touch to the optical digital in.   The remote control is a good size and well laid out.

The sound of the Denon is very dynamic and involving and it handles large textures very well.  In combination with the 2020i speakers it reproduces a wide range of music in a very even handed and enjoyable way and it sounds as though the two products were made for each other.  If you sit very close to the unit there is a little transport noise from the CD drive (which some other user reviews have mentioned), but no more than I've heard from many seperate CD players and I can't detect it at all from my listening position, even when playing solo piano music recordings.

Not for the function, just for CD PLAYER  whice one sounds better between Marantz MCR603   and  Denon Rcd-M39 dab? Anybody got an idea Please?



Recently I had the opportunity to audition both systems in a proper room. Both played through Dali Zensor 1's. Same speaker cable was used each time. After much to and fro between systems I walked away with the Denon. Why? It just sounded more together and confident. As for cd performance I preferd the Denon, it seemed to just have more rythm and attack when compared to the Marantz. I am still highly impressed by this sub-300 Pound all in one. Puts my old hi-fi in its place!  

I'm looking to purchase a new hi-fi and the m39dab seems very impressive. I'm a bit of a beginner when it comes to audio knowledge so there are just some things I'd like to figure out. I'll mostly be using the microsystem for cds but also for connection to a laptop for use with digital music and Reason/Ableton. I'm using ATH-M50s as headphones but I've heard that you cannot use a headphone amplifier with this system. Is that really a problem?

Someone informed me that this system probably has integrated DAC but I'm not sure. Will I need to get a standalone DAC to get the best possible sound from my laptop to the Denon?

Thanks for any possible help!

Hi I don't think you need a headphone amplifier with it as it is plenty loud enough with headphones and I think the inbuilt DAC works automatically.

Hi, I bought this mini hifi at Christmas so have had a bit of time to get used to it. I'm running Tannoy Mercury V1s with it and I can really recommend this system for the price you pay for it.

I've hooked it up to my Computer via optical and it sounds great. It has plenty of features and the remote is really nicely layed out. Nice and basic and simple to use.

The iPod link seems to work well, but I do have quite an old iPod and I don't usually use it now seeing as it's directly linked to my computer. Also it sounds great when listening to headphones on it (Sennheiser HD 25).

The build quality is really good, and the buttons at the front feel strong and tactile. I have heard that the DM 38 suffered from hissing when listening to DAB but I have not been able to find any here. That being said I really should upgrade my ariel for radio listening.The vents at the top may need covering when not in use as dust can get it, but that's only an observation rather than a criqitue. . . All in all very impressed and I'd recommend this to anyone who'se looking for a quality product at an affordable price. Denon take a bow.

I have mine for 2 weeks... and I'm a bit disappointed to be honest.


The sound as such is all right for the price, but be aware:


It does not work with my iPod Touch 5th generation with the provided USB cable.

The CD drive makes annoying high pitch noise, which make listening at low volume at night in bedroom unpleasant.


So I can recommend only if you wish to listen DAB/ FM, older iPod or mid/high volume CDs.

I'd give it 3 out of 5 as it does properly only half of the features advertised ;o(




Just had been in Richer Sounds, and discussed the issue with iPod Touch 5th generation... tried the unit they had on display and it worked! So I walked away home with the display unit and I'll get a brand new one once the issue is sorted... it looks like it needs a FW update. So if that works I give it 4.5 out of 5 ;o) The CD drive noise is still quite annoying though!

Just to note that the both the review and the spec page state that it has “Analogue audio out” which it doesn’t, and the spec page says it doesn’t have “Optical in” which it does (the former being a total bummer for those wishing to hook up a headphone amp).

Now amended.

I've not seen anyone mention what the Denon DM39 sounds like through headphones? How do people rate the headphone socket - in comparison for example, to the Marantz CD6004 ?

Which speaker cable would you recommend for upgrading to this system?

The Award-winning Audioquest FLX-SLiP 14/4 at around £6/m would fit the bill nicely.

I have 2 questions and will appreciate feedback, if possible:

1) For the last year's model Whathifi recommended ditching the speakers for something like Dali Zensor 1 or comparable acoustics. Have the new speakers for the new model improved or are these the same speakers? Are they still worth ditching for something like Dali Zensor 1 or is it not really worth spending extra pounds for?

2) Many users of Denon D-M38 on one of the sites complained of the low humming noise at low sound levels. Has this problem been resovled?


In answer to Q1, the speakers for the new model have been improved and work really well with it as a package so no, you don't need to change them. Re Q2, we've experienced no humming on our review sample.

I bought the Denon DM39 a month ago as a music player for my kitchen. I am playing it through Cambridge S30 speakers with a DACMagic bridging the connection from a laptop. It has really transformed the listening experience in this part of the house. It's got me listening to CDs again (I've tended to vacillate between vinyl and mp3/flac). The main feature of the CD sound is the attack and punch that even makes audio CDRs recorded from MP3 files sound better than the same files played through the DACMagic. Having said that I am more than happy to listen to MP3s, ( or preferably flac ) through the DM39. The sound is clear, well balanced, involving and very enjoyable - a flac version of Slint's Spiderland LP is positively singing from the speakers as I type. 

Negatives: Denon have included only one phono input, which I find limiting (The DM38 was better in this respect). There is an optical input, which I've connected to the DACmagic, which sounds fine (clearer, but colder and a bit thinner than the phono connection), so I haven't been happy to disconnect the phono connection from the DACMagic. I've not been too happy with the ipod usb input on the front of the DM39 either - at least with my fifth generation ipod video, the sound, although perfectly listenable, isn't nearly as good as the sound from the laptop (admittedly via the DACMagic), or as good as the ipod connected via a cheap dock to the phono input. This might be because of the legacy status ipod I have; newer models might sound better. 

However, even with these limitations, I wouldn't hesitate in buying the DM39 again tomorrow if something happened to the one I've got. For the money it has excellent sound and features - The remote is pretty good too - big quality looking, and well laid out with large well spaced black and white buttons.


It's somewhat embarrassing that combos this "cheap" can give a lot of high-end kit a run for its money. By far,the best sound per pound is achieved below the £1500 per component threshold. Beyond that the law of diminishing returns kicks in mightily ! Well done again Denon !!

Looking foward to the micro system test result. I'm also deciding between Denon D-M39 and Onkyo CS-555 but leaning more towards the Denon one due to UK sound tuned and their previous success.

I'm sure we'll be conducting a micro system test at some stage, but there isn't one planned in for the magazine just yet.

I'm looking to replace my Onkyo 505 as the CD no longer works.  Will the WHF team be reviewing the Onkyo 555 and comparing it with the Denon M39, sometime soonish?  Many thanks.


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