Denon CEOL Piccolo

Tested at £260

No matter what the source, the CEOL Piccolo will play all your music in superb style


Hi can you tell me which has better sound quality  - the Ceol Piccolo or the DM39?

Main source would be Ipod and radio



Did anyone compare sound quality of Denon Piccolo against Marantz CR-603?

As the previous Denon (N7) was far below the Marantz regarding to many reviews, comparing these new versions Denon Piccolo and Denon CEOL New( N8 ) against Marantz CR-603 would be very important.

I did!

I bought the Denon over the Marantz, although the sound quality is very similar. Marantz and Denon are now the same company, under two different names, so the internals are very similar.

I preferred the Marantz over the Denon, however it was very close and I wouldn't have been dissapointed with either. 

I just thinking how about Internal storage by using hardisk (option and upgradeable size) ? do you think it is good ideas ?

And CD I think still needed by many people


I bought one of these blind on the strength of the What Hifi review...this is pretty rare for me, but at £150 less than the Sonos Connect:Amp it seemed a decent enough solution to deliver audio over a wired network to our extension.

I'm not going to go into detal about the unit, other than that it sounds OK and works straight out of the box.  The remote is OK, but navigating over 20,000 tracks on a NAS is somewhat of a nightmare unless you have patience and hawkish eyesight, so I went with the Denon Remote App (Android/S3). 

Aah, the app.  The app doesn't recognise the Piccolo on my network, so I have to manually key its IP address, but thereafter, the app works fine for Spotify and radio, but I'm experiencing so many issues with it finding my music server/NAS, I'm on the verge of giving up.

The App won't find my music server/NAS, but the unit does without any issues.  Oh, but then the will find it.  But then it's gone again.  It's very frustrating and is letting down a fairly decent, reasonably priced unit.


Hi planetgaffnet,

I gather you're now in touch with D+M product support, and your problems are being looked into.

Hello, yes.  Credit to D+M, I'm a little overwhelmed with the responses from them so far. So well done. to them.  Clap clap!

We're working through things.  I don't know at this stage whether it's just me or not.  I certainly am experiencing issues that shouldn't be happening over a wired network.

At present they're suggesting the weak link in my network is [possibly] the BT/HH3 ('Why do you think they give it away for free?' they asked.  'If I wanted to spend £100+ on a new router, I would have just gone with a Sonos.' I answered), and the quantity of audio tracks on my NAS (28,500 audio files - Denon are testing the same NAS with only 10% of this total).  The network operates fine with everything else (two Panasonic TVs, two Sony BluRay players, a Pure radio, Sky HD box, two Android phone and a clunky old laptop) but they're arguing the HH3 can't handle the amount of data on the NAS, so I'm borrowing another router tomorrow.

I also have some issues with - once the app recognises the NAS data - searching for audio.  The menus on the app are pretty terrible, MP3 tags aren't being utilised, album content is returned in alphabetical order rather than track order and the album artwork is horribly pixellated on the phone.  Bizarre.  Maybe they should take me on as a consultant.  Heh.

I will report back once everything is resolved!



Any update?  I hope it is solved now

Have you fixed the IP address of the CEOL, either on your router or on the unit?

I don't like the Denon app - it's very slow and prevents gapless playback. I'm finding that the "search" function on the Denon remote is more useful.

A week in and I'm still experiencing the same issues and honestly I've tried everything...I'm certainly adept enough.  I've been trawling the web and I'm certainly not alone.  A couple of nights ago I actually did some researc about seeing whether it was feasible to write a simple app to control the unit....that's how bad the Denon one is.

As I've said, it's a great shame.  Once you've actually got audio playing, it sounds lively enough through my old Gales (well, it's fit for purpose, let's put it that way).  I guess it'll just be a case of waiting for Denon to upgrade the app - it did get an upgrade this week (version 1.04 to 1.05), but it didn't seem to do anything pertinent to this unit.  (I wonder whether [they] read these forums; I work for a very well known wristwatch company and we do, and we do have a tendency to contact people direct.)



Not for the function, just for CD PLAYER  whice one sounds better between Marantz MCR603   and  Denon Rcd-M39 dab? Anybody got an idea Please?

so if ""The CEOL and CEOL Piccolo do not have DAC as such. It's a digital amplifier with all-digital processing" does that mean it's taking the digital stream from an iPod? That'd make this seriously interesting.

Yes, srmatthews, it does take the signal from the iThings in digital form.

Any opinion about sound diferences between ceol N7 and N8? Thank you

I know we liked the N7 enough to give it 5 stars. I haven't heard the N8, so can't say whether it's a better buy or not.

Doh!   close Denon, but no Cigar, you forgot a CD Player. Onkyo have the only overall complete system.


hold up....

Was the original version of the ceol, the RCD-N7 not released way back in 2010 - with a CD player?

Yes, we reviewed the original model here.

he he he... frosts just got served!

NO harm meant obviously - just thought his comment was funny LOL!

Who needs a CD player? Onkyo doesn't do gapless - CEOL does.

Frosts wrote:
Doh!   close Denon, but no Cigar, you forgot a CD Player. Onkyo have the only overall complete system.

Although of course if you want a CEOL with a CD player, there's always the RCD-N7, or the RCD-N8, at about £70-£100 more.

Seems like yet again the issue of gapless playback wasn't considered important enough to warrant  a mention...

It does gapless with FLAC or WAV files from a network server - very well, too.

it was more an observation about yet another flawed streamer review rather than the kit itself.

I need to know how the sound compares with the new Ceol N-8 and if its better then the old Ceol N-7? I must keep with the first generation or update to the new one?

Looks like a great system.

Is the sound comparable to a budget separates system ?

Does anyone know how the DAC inside Ceol fares vs M39's DAC?

It's impossible to isolate the performance of the internal DACs from the other electronic sections inside the CEOL and DM39, but we've asked Denon about the technical differences and are waiting for a reply. We'll report back as soon as we have an answer.

Here's Denon's reply.

"The CEOL and CEOL Piccolo do not have DAC as such. It's a digital amplifier with all-digital processing. The D-M39DAB uses a 32bit/192kHz Texas Instruments DAC; TI  PCM5100. Of course, there is a lot more to the circuit design and tuning (as well as the choice of DAC) such as; short circuit path design, high current power supply, careful selection of components in all circuits and so on."

Is this finally a reason not to buy into Sonos then? So much cheaper and with an amp too! I'd love one, I could remove my amp and netbook from my study Smile

Seems like a good alternative to PC speaker system as well. Has a digital in and no money spent on a CD-drive.


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