Cyrus CD Xt SE+/DAC X+/PSX-R

Tested at £4050

Best CD player £2000+, Awards 2010. Cyrus's range-topper is another stunner; it's good enough to worry machines at triple the price



It is worth noting that reprocessed psx-r are available for as little as 369 pounds. So you could reduce the initial purchase price greatly, especially if you just start with one psx-r just for the cd player. These cheaper psx-r are a no brainer for anyone already owning a Cyrus cd player. You might not feel they make a big difference, but wait a few weeks and then try and listen without the psx-r and you'll wonder how you lived without it

Just recently had mine upgraded to the new spec and have been blown away! How many times have you heard it said "I heard thing I have never heard before" but this is just staggeringly true. Little riffs being played, trills on notes, vocal inflections. Its still very revealing of badly recorded material however tracks that were skipped before are being played as now there is something that holds my interest that was not there before.

Heard them playing at the NAS Show this weekend through Vienna Acoustics The Music speakers and I have never heard anything like this in my life... Simply staggering is putting it mildly. It was like every CD had been rerecorded and mastered and the emotion of whatever was playing was conveyed with purpose. Now this has left me wanting to upgrade my speakers... anyone got �25,000 they wanna give me ??


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