Cyrus CD 8 SE2

Tested at £1200

Best CD player £1000-£1500, Awards 2012. Updated CD 8 improves on an already superb package


This player is still having problems reading and playing discs I have had to send mine back to Cyrus this week under warranty .

It may sound wonderful but mine has been frustratingly unreliable to the degree that playing any CD was a gamble as to whether or not it would play all the way through. Surely being confident that a CD player would play an entire disc and then eject it without hesitation should be a given especially at this price point.

Latest software has sorted out the disc reading issues on this player. I had an early model which had the problem but my current one plays discs fine.

Our samples have worked well. You should return it to the dealer/Cyrus and get it checked out.

£1200 and no DAC? Did I miss something?

Edgar_Marsala wrote:
£1200 and no DAC? Did I miss something?

It has a DAC.


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