Cyrus 8 XPd

Tested at £1500

The 8XPd breaks new ground for Cyrus integrateds and sets a sky-high standard at the price


Ok, continued from my MA RX6 post:-

2. The 6xp was just an exquisit piece of technology. Maybe it was the low power or the design but it was sweet, detailed, fun, versatile and brought the music to life more than any other amp i sampled (mostly Denon, Marantz, Peachtree, Cambridge and Yamaha). Even a very high end Naim, while better overall, the detail i was looking for was present in both systems and i cannot affored hight end Naim or Cyrus for that matter. It was just that the 6xp lacked a DAC and i did not want to add another ugly box to our nices lounge unit. 


3. Enter the 8XPd, initially intended as a 6XPd but the deal was good so i opted to trade up. It was worth it. The 6xp did mid and high exquisitly and deep base well but the low mid/upper base was a little hollow. Now that is my least interesting specturum, but the 8XPd adds it in spades ; especially on the decks. Flying Lotus Los Angeles with its pounding deep base and complex lower mids comes to stunning life. The rich upper mids and trebble of the 6xp remain.

4. Digital card. I cannot falt it. Extends itself further than the old Rotel 9658xin base but i gotta give it to the Rotel, it was a great piece of kit for its day. Any lossless streamed from itunes is involving. As with all Cyrus it is a demanding listen, which was what i wanted. The greatest artists in the world should demand attention on vinyl or on digital and this amp has the goods. 

5. Tested against a Marantz "Classic PM80se", technology has moved forward, it is a far better listen with the MA RX6. 


I hope this pays back some of the obligation i felt to this forum in helping me choose, this combo it good, looks good and is discrete. If it meets your needs and you can afford it then go for it. 



Our reviews are the result of comparatively testing products with both their peers and reference kit - and with a stockroom full of products to choose from, it's easy for us to compare a whole host of contenders when we review.

In our opinion, this new Cyrus neither sounds dry nor has imaging problems - either in isolation or in comparison with rivals.

"In our opinion, this new Cyrus neither sounds dry nor has imaging problems - either in isolation or in comparison with rivals".

Clare, could you possibly list the cables you used in this review? I'm not sure what a "dry" sound is, but I took the upgrade route to Cyrus 8 XPd Qx and I do find it a little harsh/bright. It is very useful that you suggest speakers to match, but it would be most useful to know which speaker cables you would recommend as well.

This is not a sky-high standard. For this money you may find much better options in second hand market. Also it has a very dry sound, imaging problems. I really do not understand Whathifi team Cyrus support.

Excellent in any guise.  Works well on its own or in conjunction with a matching Power Amp for Bi-Amp purposes.  I was more impressed with this combination than the PSX-R,  Clarity and expression is it's strengths with some agreeable exuberance in the treble area.  Sonos via Chord Prodac cable is convincing alternative to 6SE CD Player even if the music streamed is at 256kbps.  The redeeming quality is the quaint size allowing it not to intrude on your living room requirements.  The added bonus is the internal upgrade path it offers.  A desirable british product that is actually worth the outlay.

Cyrus kit and Spendor speakers definitely work very well together.  I have a Cyrus CD 8 SE/PSX-R feeding an 8vs2/PSX-R bi-amped with an X-Power (8vs2 does the LF, X-Power the HF) connected through Cyrus bi-wire cable to my Spendor S8e speakers.  It sounds sensational.  I don't know why Spendor chose not to make the new A-series speakers bi-wireable.  I'm about to purchase an 8XPdQx to replace the 8vs2 so I can have more digital source flexibility.  I'll post a review when it's properly run in.

I'm intrigued by the suggested partnership of this amp with the Spendor A6s.   Don't know if it's true but read elsewhere that Spendor voiced their A series with Cyrus amps.   However, all Cyrus amps seem to have biwire connections nowadays, whereas the A6s are single wire only.  

Therefore are they really compatible?  Does this amp work as well with a good quality single wire connection to the speakers?   And why do Cyrus use BFA speaker terminals when most others seem to use bananas, do I have to shell out on new cable?


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