Cyrus 6a

Tested at £699

Best stereo amp £600-£1000, Awards 2012. A fine amplifier – and the price reduction from the unit it replaces makes it an even more attractive partner for any system



This Cyrus 6A probably has its qualities, but I know myself:

==> I could never be happy with such a poor design and the cheap plastic remote control.

How can you be totally satisfied when you hold this in your hand?

No comment on the terrible green 'Hong Kong watch' LCD screen. 

Come on.

In my opinion, a manufacturer shall also do some efforts regarding the materials it uses and the design of its products. In this case, (plus the 40W limitation) it is a dealbreaker.



after using this new amp for the past 2 weeks and compared to my old marantz pm5004, found the 6a to be very good in handling small nuances with ease regardless of volume.. due to this, its treble is superior compared to the 5004 while its mid bass is slightly better but when comes to low bass, it is found to be poor as opposed to the 5004 when its loud button is activated during low volume hearing... in other words, for midnite listening under low volume, you can hear very clearly the mids and highs but no bass....this is due to the 6a do not have any tone controls & loud button feature unlike the 5004.... but a good thing about the 6a is that is able to smoothen mp3 songs which gives a silky feel to the sounds coming out from my standmounters unlike the 5004 which now sounds a bit synthetic to my ears compared to the 6a...its stereo separation is also found to be way much better than the 5004... as a tip to new cyrus owners, if you would like to have extra bass effect, you can increase the sensitivity level of the inputs to +4dB which gives a boost to the lows but slightly sacrifice the soundstage... finally, in attempting for a temporary bi-amp set-up while waiting for sufficient cash to get a power amp, found the 6a can be paired with the 5004 after adjusting their vol levels equally...the depth & separation of each instruments can now be clearly distinguished which took me by surprise which means bi-amping is worthwhile upgrade path to consider..

I am seriously considering this little amplifier.

Given the relatively low power output, do i have to give special consideration to speaker selection? I am considering the Dynaudio focus 110's, or the Proac studio 130's.

What others would you advise?

How does this pair with the CD8SE2, or does that player really need to be partnered with the Cyrus 8A?

It makes a natural partner for the CD8 SE2, although we'd consider the 8A a worthwhile upgrade.

It is very strange to give best amp of the year 

to amp with only 40W power uotput per chanel don't you think ?

Not at all. The power figure only tells part of the story - it's how it sounds that matters.


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