Onkyo CR-N755

Tested at £300

Best networked micro system, Awards 2012. Compact, affordable and highly capable, this little box is a fine, forward-thinking hi-fi system


Um, forgive my naivity if so, however in the tech specs here it says Phono Input =1.  So where is the input? Can anyone help?

It doesn't have a phono input. The specs have been corrected. Thank you.

Sadly I hadn't read the comments in this thread before I bought this unit....

There is no doubting the audio pedigree of this unit however it is strongly marketed as a device for rendering digital content and, unfortunately, it has serious flaws in it's digital playback capabilities:  When playing mp3 files, from either a network or USB source it inserts a three second gap between tracks! This completely destroys the listening experience for albums which are intended to have gapless playback e.g. Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon. Also when playing tracks from a folder e.g. on USB, it will only list and play the tracks in alphabetical order, it does not read the track number from the ID3 tag in the MP3 header so unless your file names include the track number at the beginning of the name the playback order will be incorrect.

Several days ago I emailed Onkyo support to see if there was a firmware update that resolved these issues. I didn't get a reply so my unit is now on it's way back to the dealer.

I find it unbelievable that a device of this calibre should have such a poorly implemented play back capability and no technical support.

It also reflects badly on What Hi-Fi reviewers: This systems should never have recieved a 5 start rating let alone recieved the best networked micro system award.


I hope it will be improved by:

1. Make the WiFi default features

2. More power, 35W/ch or 50W/Ch

3. Plays DVD and DVDR

4. and other improvement


Question: why it use 4 ohm instead of 8 ohm ?


I just bought this with q acoustics 2050s (ex-display so huge discount from Sevenoaks HiFi). No complaints with sound. FM & CD intuitive. But Network radio controls (reason I really bought it) is dreadful - almost impossible to figure out how to use it with the remote or the Onkyo app. Instruction booklet likewise dreadful. Can't wait until the ORemote App updates so that it can work with this model - which I'm told it will do at the next major release. Beggars belief at how a company can produce such a lovely little box and mess i all up with the interface and manual. Very frustrating and takes away from the enjoyment of the unit. 

They are still new on internet and networking things.

I hope they learn and fix this and make it more easier. less setting needed is good.

Hi all,

I've recently purchased this unit in combination with q acoustics 2020i wired with Audioquest FLX-SLiP 14/4. I would like to add a sub woofer to it though. Any advise on this guys? Which one you think would match best this combined unit? Would be very much appreciated. Many thanx

Dear all,

I am buying this unit in combination with Q Acoustics 2020i. Can please someone indicate the best matching speaker cables to the combined unti above?

Thank you in adavnce


Thanx a lot Andy for reply and suggestion. Had this one in mind as well. Great, confirmed!

An excellent little unit that sounds very nice indeed. Mine is coupled with Dali Zensor 1 and Wharfedale SW150. There are a lot of inputs to play with and it sits next to my 3 PC setup where the digital inputs really shine. Love it to bits.

However, this is important for those that want to stream DLNA. It cannot hack gapless playback, unlike the Squeezebox that it was ironically meant to replace. Also, the Onkyo Android app is hopeless if you have a large library. I now use Bubble UPNP which is much better thought out for working with same.Otherwise excellent and a great improvement over the Denon RCD DM37 DAB that it supplants.It really does sound a lot nicer than you might believe for such a small box. Admittedly, the Onkyo TX 8050 might have been a better choice for me, but come next upgrade, I know to do my homework more carefully.

The Zensor/Sub combination is spectacular in its delivery and simplicity, the clarity and smoothness are wonderful and I find myself listening to music so much more, which must say something. For a small flexible and simple setup it really should be listened to.



My heart sunk when i read your comment on gapless playback, as after hours of research i had just about decided to buy one of these. Any further info on this? Is there a firmware update or something that will help?

Is this the also the case when playing through a portable hard drive connected via USB? I'm more likely to use that than DLNA if it works. Can you also tell me if a USB drive connected directly to the unit will be seen by the Android app?


Would the Marantz CR3603 work better in this respect?

I don't own this hifi so I might be wrong, but I find it very hard to believe that gapless playback is missing from ALL playback formats that this device supports. E.g. MP3 has always had such problems with gapless due to it never being standardised in the codec specification, which is why different mp3 encoders started adding their own custom gapless tags and it took a long time for the likes of Apple to support other companies gapless tags. FLAC on the other hand is supposed to have native gapless support built into the actual format??

Might be worth dropping the company an email?

Magic99, can I ask you what speaker cables you use? Thank you

I personally disagree with this unit getting "best network micro system" reward - I believe that Marantz MCR-603 is still better. Just my opinion though.

But it does have internet radio and optional Bluetooth.

And no DAB.

Sadly it appears to have no Air Play support. A bit of a killer for those of us not on windows.


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