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Chord Company Supershield (5m)

Tested at £90

It's still easy to see why this cable became our award winner - it punches well above its price band

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  • Punchy, well-lit images
  • energetic sound,
  • taut, hard-hitting bass


  • Some may find the price a touch high

There's a reason the Chord SuperShield became our Product of the Year in 2009 – quite simply the great performance it gives.

There's smooth and supple motion, crisply edged images, admirable detailing and contrast that offers a natural feel, especially with skin tones and rural scenes such as the opening credits of The Shining, with their rolling scenery and soaring camerawork.

Sonically, the SuperShield provides a wide, open sound, with lots of colour and resolution, together with a taut, hard-hitting bass. In a nutshell, what's not to like?

Some may baulk at paying £90, but you get so much for your money, it's impossible to complain.

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