Chord Company SuperScreen

Tested at £65

A mains cable that focuses on the nuances of music and delivers picture quality that's vibrant and clean


Did you switch on at the mains?

contrary to the previous users, i have one of these and, plugged into my dac or amp, it makes no difference whatsoever.

I recently hooked one of these up to my Yamaha RX-V1900 receiver and noticed a subtle improvement in the sound quality, mainly of music. The sound seemed more open and filled the room in comparison to the standard mains lead. The high notes of the tracks seemed to be clearer too. I haven't noticed an improvement in picture quality with the limited sources used with the new cable. I am yet to watch a Blu Ray with the cable. Hopefully there will be an improvement there also.

I noticed an improvement right away with this cable, usually to my ears and vision cheaper cables don't make a huge difference but this more expensive one did, my amplifier produced a cleaner sound and pictures on my LG LCD were more crisp especially with high def'.


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