Copland CDA 825

Tested at £4298

Copland’s CDA 825 is a terrific player. If you still value top-class CD replay, give this machine a listen


Nice looking kit, but really, if I was buying a CD player today, it would have to be able to play hi-rez SACDs too. 

So first we had a Unitilite that can't read cds and now this. Two second delay? What a joke. Can't we make cd players anymore here in Europe? Do only Japanese know how to spin those silver discs properly? Look at Onkyo or Denon cd players, a joy to use.

tommie_boi wrote:
Two second delay? What a joke.
Well, that's the amount of music the player holds in its FIFO buffer for reclocking purposes, in the same way that other companies such as Meridian, Naim et al have used or use such buffering systems.

But agreed it might have been neater to design the electronics so pressing 'stop' ended the flow out of the buffer rather than the inflow from the disc.


Twenty quid will not buy the Philips CD Pro2 LF transport. They cost €400 each.

According to some on here, a twenty quid job from tesco will do the same job! The difference in price is because of the box it is packaged in! But those of us who actualy know what we are talking about, have a very different input.

What a fantastic bit of kit this is!


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