Primare CD32

Tested at £2200

The CD32 is massively detailed, but isn’t quite the engaging listen we’d hoped for


I cannot agree with the description of the sound. This must be one of the most neutral CD-player made sofar. I suspect you are hearing shortcomings in the rest of your system. Try this player through a couple of good electrostats and you will note that you will not note it.

Regarding the build-quality "issue", that is just nonsense. So much gear has passed the tests over the years with much worse "issues". I get caught, almost everyday by a sharp corner of my Krell set-up. (However, I never get caught or feel sharp edges on my childrens Denver CD plastic set-up. does this say anything?)

The Primare is clearly in the Krell legue nowadays and it is NOT manufactured in China as the majority of "british" gear.


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