Carat A57

Tested at £1000

The £1000 amplifier sector is fearsomely contested, and the Carat gets eaten alive


I'm surpriced about the comments and the review of two stars. Maybe the reference speakers can't live with the Carat. Warming up a transistor amp is strange becouse it had to be play ready when pushed the power button. 

DylanT - pricing and rivals (and their pricing) varies greatly from country to country. As we review on a comparative, value-driven basis, that can mean very different verdicts in each country.


Totally amazing to read that about this product !!!

I think you have made a mistake during the test.

This amp is powerful and very precise also at high level... I have one with C57 and I can confirm it.

Please read that for example:

How a report can be so different ?

Strange !


It's fun to see that What Hifi France came up with a very positive assessment of the A57. Maybe a translation issue...

Anyhow the A57 is a beautiful amplifier - rave reviews throughout the world. Amazing sound quality at this price level.

Maybe What Hifi UK should reconsider their assessment.

Very nice peace of kit with great soundstage/dynamics after playing with bass and treble.  Takes about fifteen minutes from out of the box to warm up and sounds a little harsh but all comes together after this. Perfect match with Carat C57 CD Player, Focal JMLab Chorus 714V and Chord Carnival Silverscreen speaker cables. Don't believe other bad reviews on the internet. Rock, Pop, Classical, Indie and Dance music all sounds great.


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