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Neutrality schmutrality – the C356BEE has come to start a party


"And it's not that this is an especially wearing trait, it's more that the scrap for primacy can result in a rather congested soundstage, sacrificing a little depth."


And....No. Well, not quite.

It has great depth layering and separation, but ONLY when using proper isolation feet under it (such as the aforementioned Stillpoints). Otherwise, yes, it does sound a bit congested. But WITH the Stillpoints (no, I'm just an owner, not a retailer), each musical line CAN stand out clearly, and even instruments within sections (well, using something even as "merely good" as a Nola Contender, it can. In fact, it can make you recoil at how laid out the stage is in front of you, with sounds coming at you from EVERYwhere) show their mettle in a way unfamiliar to those who think  they know what NAD amps can accomplish.

It would be helpful in a "review" to use pieces of music for reference. I have the C325 and C326 and find both - with, say, Stillpoints Ultra Mini Risers under them, to sound rather as though one had left the room and someone put in an amplifier costing 4x or 5x the price. But with this generalistic type of comment, instead of "...when hearing the Pretenders, Chrissie Hynde's voice will positively rivet you to the spot..." or something along those lines, one is at a loss to know anything except 1), it's got balls and 2), it's got bass. What about texture (bow on rosin evident?), timbre (oboe distinct from bass oboe) and other things.

I appreciate the reviews, but they leave me feeling a bit like you listened for 4 hours and discovered all there was. Try to also "sink your teeth" into a review and make it a meaty one.

Review: 2 1/2 stars.

And, while I realize the idea is to give an overview, it doesn't hurt to mention how it will sound with speakers that are designed for tubes vs. speakers designed for solid state.

For the record, the NAD works well with, say, Nola's upper line speakers very well (except the 325 and 326 run out of power too soon!).

it sounds better now i have connected a subwofer on the pre out and connected the output of this subwofer to the main in; i discover the same thing on the net about the nad c375bee  : the user said that it sounds better since he replaced the links between pre out and main in by by a rca twin link

try it and tell me what you think about this

i compare now my nad c356bee to the yamaha a-s500 i bought : they sound in same manner : funny !!!


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