B&W Zeppelin Air

Tested at £500

A step up from the original Zeppelin in so many ways, a must-hear for iPod dock buyers


I spent considerable time listening to this and the A7 in John Lewis. Perhaps not the best environment to judge but both were not to my liking. The bass was very boomy and inaccurated to my ear. I much preferred the Beosound A8.

Just set the system up. We used a pair of PC speakers for our iphones before we bought this.

Now listening to our music through the B&W is like listening to the music for the first time. You hear the music like it's intended.

The bass is good but not over powering, the speakers have great range and the tweeters bring out the high tones.

I would highly recommend this!!!

I've just received the Air today and first impressions are good, solid build, nicely balanced sound quality and looks gorgeous. Can't get it streaming as the wireless link up doesn't seem to be working. Will ring B&W. BE VERY CAREFUL with the battery in the remote, don't just pull the plastic tag otherwise the spring link comes off and the remote is broken. I'd like to know if I can use this under my Sony Bravia as a soundbar? Any thoughts.


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