B&W A7

Tested at £700

If you want AirPlay and want awesome sound, the A7 demands your attention. But in a subtly styled way


For some it will be a shame that B&W hasn’t sought to include DLNA or Bluetooth support, but the A7 is all about simplicity. It’s about having a sudden impulse to throw a tune from your phone and out into your room without fuss but with genuine hi-fi sound quality

Provided you have an iPhone/iPad that is.


As I'm never going to buy anything Apple it looks like i'm never going to buy an A7 either.


Testing this side by side with a bose soundock 10 for 60 mins and there is only 1 winner

The bose by some margin - and that was not just only my opinion - there was other people agreeing with me at the store 


Yes there is, for example CM8 or 805D or CM5 or more....


Links: http://www.whathifi.com/review/bw-cm8




!!!!! Check before writting anything !!!!!


I have CM8 and I love them.

Apparently the Airplay with these can result in intermittant drop outs or pauses in playback if your wifi signal isn't super strong all the time. Some users have had to resort to using the ethernet cable connection which stops this problem but obviously also stops it being portable!  £699 still looks too high, at this price it should be flawless.

I've had the pleasure of owning one for a fortnight or so now and listen to it every day. The A7 is amazing. I purchased it from the guys in willen, Milton Keynes. They demo'd it then let me audition it with my own music choice and I was hooked.

the bass is seismic! The detail is molecular. Airplay'ing to the A7 and to the apple tv at the same time via iTunes is fantastic. Multiroom audio marvellous - watch out Sonos.




The review states "True, you can send music from an iOS device to only one of these at a time", but that's only if you're Airplaying music stored locally on your iDevice.

If you use Apple's Remote app, you can select each individual Airplay device separately and send different songs to each one, plus this has the advantage of giving you access to your entire iTunes library, not just what's on your iDevice. 

The 5 stars are more than justified. I heard it........expected it to sound good........but not THIS good. 

Awesome product........go hear it.

I will! Today, actually!

Buzz, the products B&W produce are usually of a very high quality so it's unsurprising they receive such praise.  This looks like a fantastic product.  As my Lv2e speakers were faulty I'm looking for an alternative to play computer audio wirelessly so very interested in this.


Slightly concerned about the comment that the music sounds better when sent via USB rather than wirelessly - how does that happen?

Yes this, this and this. So that's three for starters.

Ok fair enough! This seems rather expensive to me, and the design is very questionable - like an over-sized version of their MM-1 computer speakers!  Quality maybe, but at a super-premium price.

Is their a B&W product that doesn't get 5 stars from WHF?


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