B&W A5

Tested at £400

A masterclass in wireless speaker design. At this price, there are few AirPlay devices that can better the A5


Speaker slow to fire up on PCwin7 with itunes and wi-fi unstable as above. If speaker off when music starts, on turning speaker on it takes too long to connect. If machine goes into sleep mode i-tunes hangs up and track is stopped (need to be retstarted but not speaker fault). Looks the biz. I got pressured saled by a honey play rick asley in john lewis!! If  i had more dosh i would get A7. Also possible lag between PC speaker play and A5 noted; more investigation on cause required eg speaker position responsible??

This speaker shouldn't be listed under dock systems - it isn't a dock!

True, strictly speaking, but at the moment we don't have a category for wireless, non-dock systems. It's something we hope to rectify as soon as we can.

Airplay is a bit un-stable. Sound is reallly good!! Bass is amazing!


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