BenQ W1200

Tested at £1100

Best projector up to £1500, Awards 2012. A brilliantly accomplished performer and a must-see projector


Looking forward to a review of the Optoma HD25 which I saw in Bristol. I was very impressed with it and seemd to be very good value.

Am considering buying a projector rather than a bigger LCD or plasma, and continue to use our Panasonic 32" for TV and general viewing, then use the projector for movies.

I'm very "allergic" to the rainbow effect. Is it truly absent form this one? Hope so, because then I have finally found a replacement for my Panasonic PT-AE900 (which still works) small form factor. I have no room for any of the - mostly - gigantic projectors. Never understood why they have to be so big.

When reviewing projectors, please also give the cost for bulb replacement and the hours expected that each bulb is meant to acheive on both 'eco' and 'full' modes

I'm thinking of getting a PJ and notice this one has no vertical lens adjustment. The PJ will be ceiling mounted so how will this be affected by the lack of vertical lens adjustment?.


If the projector needs to be tilted down from its ceiling position to match the screen, keystone adjustment is provided to 'square things up'

Does the BenQ W1200 do 3D too?

Nope - it is 2D only.

Can the Frame Interpolation processing be undone or switched off?? Propably not i guess.

Yes, the Frame Interpolation processing can be switched off. We will clarify this in the review.


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