Sony BDP-S360

Tested at £180

It’s nigh-on impossible to gripe with what’s on offer here for £240


Sorry to dig up this old thread.

I always thought that the Sony BDP S360 was just a cut out of the Blu-Ray player incorperated into the fat PS3?

My Sony BDP S360 came free as part of a package with Sony's all in one sound system model STR-KS3 60S.

A few people purchased the above from Comet after they placed it online for around £280 which was a pricing error. They did, however, go through with all the sales, then moved the price up later on.

It wasn't exactly deal of the centruy. The original price was around £500, but other companies were selling it for £380 at the time.

Was still good value though. I had a small child at the time, so there was no point in buidling a £2000-£3000+ system when it could not be enjoyed to the max. The fact that it came with the BLu-Ray player too made it a very good deal at the time.

Does anyone know if it's identical to what the fat PS3 puts out? All the menus look the same as the DVD/Blu-Ray section of the PS3.

The Pioneer review is currently highlighted at the top of our Homepage - you can link through from there.

Kabbott - do you have a Full HD TV that supports 24fps? Sounds to me as if your TV can't cope with Blu-ray's frame rate if this is a problem you only encountered with those discs (not with DVD).

Marque84 - we haven't tested  that particular  combo,  sadly; make sure you buy the player from a retailer who'll allow a return if it doesn't suit.

PortsUK - it does a decent job as a DVD upscaler; better than the PS3 and previous-generation budget Blu-ray players.

Yes, peds - the Sony BDP-S360 outperforms both the old and new PS3s for Blu-ray and DVD sound and vision.

might get more response posting this in Forums, robey

£80 - i bought one of these for £80!!! Jeez! Can you believe it!

Just bought the S360 from Richer Sounds for the bargain price of £130 to go with my KDL-37W5500 and Onkyo TX-SR606. Can anyone recommend a good quality but affordable HDMI cable to run between my blu-ray player and amp?

This is available for £131.19 from Amazon with 3 Blue Ray Movies,

Would anyone be able to confirm if this would be a better stand alone instead of a PS3 (fat one!)

So anyb1984, any first impressions? Cos I'm getting this machine soon too.

Saw in HMV and Sony Shop, picture is very good, I can't commit know on the sound.

In this article you mention the staggering performance of the Pioneer BDP-320. But there is no review to be found for this. A glitch?

Also, Clare, I'm looking at Sony BDP-S360 to go with my existing Samsung LE40A786R2FX, Do you know of any issues between these products, or indeed between these brands? I know Samsung has the HDMI-Anynet+ system & I think Sony has some kind of system of its own, will these cause each other problems?



Robey, go with Van Den Hul Flat HDMI

Rated at 5 Stars By What HiFi, absolute bargain & has the ability to bring any system to life, I have 2 of these infact.

... ordered it from Digi-tech electronics for £166.90 delivered. A Bargain imo

I have only ordered it today off the net; will post my comments once received and set up.

I've just ordered the Sony on the strength of this review, you can't go wrong for £165 and that was the deciding factor for me. I was very tempted to go for the Pioneer, but was put off by the price which is more than double than the Sony.

Sorry to report that this turned out to be a big disappointment.

Yes it does give a nice HD quality picture but the slow pan across landscape (Planet Earth) judders noticably - it is not smooth at all as described in the review.

Dismayed at this and hoping it was just the disc, I tried Space Odyssey 2001 - there is a scene when it follows a space craft drifting across the screen as it heads towards the space juddered to the point that I found I was unable to properly focus and I ended up turning it off.

I tried a normal DVD - one animated and one non-animated and it does a good job at upscaling and there were no issues at all....very good in fact but the moment you put a blu-ray disc in it doesn't seem to be able to cope.

I'm afraid I shall be returning mine and seeking an alternative.

took my philips 3000 back on the basis that the transport was making a lot of noise - louder than the dvd. got the sony and it also makes an irritating noise - a low level chirp which is very annoying when there are quiet scenes in the film - dialogue heavy Inglorious Basterds was particularly unejoyable due to the noise of the transport. will stick to upscaled normal dvds for now.

Just got this from Amazon for £131 plus free P&P. This replaces the Phillips BDP3000 which I got for £97.

Took that back due to judder/stutter at 1080 24Hz and terrible judder on non 24Hz material. A shame.

In summary, the Sony has no judder/stutter. The picture seems more faithful and the sound more punchy. Playing it back through a Samsung LE-40A656. The picture is very good. Just shows what such TV's are capable of. I am very picky hence why I took the Philips back.

I recommend the Sony BDP-360. Excellent value...if you shop around.

Hi all, what is this player like for upscaling Standard Format DVD's?

Current toying with maybe buying one, going on what Clare said about it being better then PS3 i am tempted.

Hi Clare. I like your magazine and do value the reviews. However, as champions of the consumer I'd like to see more made of the obvious problems many people are having with Blu Ray so far.

For instance, I've had two Panasonic BD60s both of which, as your reviews suggest, perform brilliantly for sound and visuals.

However, in both instances on brand new disks they suffered from the odd 5-second freeze at random points on different disks, which made me take mine back.

I replaced it with the Sony BDP360, but that award winning device does not like handshaking with my other award winning device, a brilliant IN80 projector.

So I can get a picture, but it won't display the set up screens, no matter what I do or how I change the settings.

So I had to take that back.

On both the BD60 and the Sony I also experienced bad lip sync problems on certain discs at certain places (picture ahead of sound so audio delay doesn't solve it).

It was fine on most discs, but Golden Compass, Duplicity and Sin City all had issues.

These are very real problems that, from a basic Google search, you'll find many people are having with Blu Ray.

Now I love the quality when it works, but I've run out of options to choose because apparently Pioneer kit also has handshake issues with the IN80.

Firmware updates don't help either the Pany freeze or the HDMI handshake issues.

Samsung units I read have lip sync issues and the only one left, the Philips, doesn't have optical out.

Would be great if you could put some pressure on manufacturers to solve these glitches as you are the voice of the consumer.

HDMI handshake in particular infuriates me, because it is blatantly a case of different manufacturers and HDMI not getting together and sorting it out.

It annoys me that they are putting the battle for copyright ahead of a basic good customer experience for law abiding people who just want to watch films.

got mine for £79.99  from richersounds


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