Aurora Elite

Tested at £3900

Probably the finest media centre PC we’ve seen


Once one adds a NAS at £400, as suggested, then the cost is £4,300. I built my own Music server (HTPC) with 8GB RAM, 10TB storage plus a separate HDD for the Win7 O/S and it uses a 24bit 192kHz 7.1 soundcard with excellent Burr Brown dacs, for less than £1000.

I can simply and painlessly stream movies and DVD-As/SACDs at 5.1 24/96. What is the other £3,300 getting one when buying overpriced stuff like this? If these people had any idea what they were doing they would not have used Vista, what a joke!

Extremely disappointed. Unit came in a makeshift box, with a dent in the rear panel, the disc tray would not open, Windows Vista crashed twice during set up and there was no User Manual. Agreed with Hav Solutions that I will return the unit (from Australia) at my expense and I will get refunded. After close to two months all I got is lame excuses but no sign of money. It gives me the impression that this is a garage operation with serious financial problems. I would not recommend it to anybody!

On behalf of HAV Solutions I would like to take this opportunity to apologies to the customer who has outlined his experience in the comment above. Due to technical delays, bad weather and problems with the delivery company we were unable to give our normal excellent service for which we are known. I would like to point out that we did offer to replace the unit once we discovered the damage and when we received the unit back it worked first time without any problems and a fully working DVD/BLU-RAY Drive.

We have many happy customers who are using the units so if you wish to view the product we would be happy to help.


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