Atlas Hyper 2.0

Tested at £15

The Hyper 2.0 is a class-leading speaker cable that sounds superb


There is not so much to add here, the previous reviewers have nailed it...I am a cheap ^*% and I bought 2 x 1M, unterminated Hyper 2.0 cables for my modest and cheap system ( did I mention I am a cheap ^*% ? ). Arcam rPAC, Boston A25 speakers, Furutech Formula 2 USB and Atlas Hyper Asymmetrical analogie interconnect.Initially, the cable was boomy and uncontrolled, not well balanced and it seemed to forward most of the soundstage...Then, after burn-in, everything was magical - the detail has increased.Even watching the same instrumental Youtube, user-recorded video was a surprise...The soundstage got wider, the bass got better controlled and pronounced, the highs were crisp, the vocals now seem independent and not drowned into the mix ( small speakers give you a limited soundstage ) ! They look and perform gorgeous.Since the price difference is not big, I decided to get the best cables first, and never upgrade`em, and gradually upgrade other components.

   We made a 3 hours careful audition - I sold my Atlas Equator 2.0 speaker cables to a friend of mine, and we compared them to the not burned-in Hyper 2.0 in my system, then we plugged the Monitor Audio BX2.Initially, it was quite hard to make a difference...When we moved away from the amplifier and stopped changing and turning knobs...small details and differenced began to appear.Our favorite songs, that we play daily...seemed quite improved.We constantly discussed any improvement...then the soundstage improved, then the vocals got emotional...In a few hours, the difference seemed massive and we said " Damn, our speakers did got alive ! " Then we called my friends pregnant wife, that has no clue about Hi-Fi, and she was able to correctly identify when we played the Hyper 2.0 cables.I hope this n00b review can be helfpul to other fellas...

Installed this cable recently for my home theater upstairs (not my reference system).  I purchased it based off of what hi-fi's review.  I'll spare you all the details and just say the cables improved the system in pretty much every area (previosly had AudioQuest x2's on there).  

A lovely sound and presentation out of an 'all-copper' cable (...and I'm a proud "Silver guy"). 


There are those that think that cables don't make any real difference and that money spent on upgrading is wasted. Certainly, in my experience, changing cables is a bit hit and miss. Happily, this was one of those occasions where it did make a difference. Upgrading from QED Silver Anniversary XT to Atlas Hyper Bi-Wire cable has delivered an immediate and tangible improvement at both ends of the frequency range. The change in treble is most pronounced with much more sparkle; it's as if previously all of my connectors had been dirty and now they're clean. Whilst less pronounced, the change in bass is none the less welcome, being just a little tauter than before. At £140 for a 2M pair, terminated with Atlas' own Z-plugs I consider this excellent value for money.

I bought Atlas Hyper 2.0 Bi-Wire last week for my modest system and it came with a burn-in cd which makes all sorts of weird noises a bit like jet engines starting up. The idead of the cd is that it helps to run in your cable properly. You are supposed to run it for 72 hours constantly to get you all burned in properly which I haven't had time to do but I have run it for a few hours and the results are astonishing. This cable is just so much more detailed than the Linn K20 cable I was using. Not only that but the highs are crisper, the lows are deeper and the soundstage is just enormous by comparison. In my humble opinion it's worth every penny!

I agree with all posted here, I found that this cable initially seemed to suck a lot of the slam and impact out of the bass (compared to existing Chord Carnival SS) although it was a lot tigher and not boomy.

But, then I found after much testing that bi-wiring was the solution for my system - the Hyper 2.0 now runs the high/mids and the Chord SS for the bass.  Things are perfectly balanced in my system now - big powerful bass but sounds tighter anyway (attributable to the fact that it is bi-wired) and I also get the better 'sparkle' with the treble.  Mids sound more pronounced and clearer too which is partly attributable to the Hyper 2.0 as well as the fact that the speakers are now biwired.  It's like a double whammy and I am well pleased.


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