Atlas Element Integra

Tested at £45

Best analogue interconnect, Awards 2013. These are ideal if you’re after a first upgrade


After using the Element Integra for a month, i've found this interconnect has managed to outperform my Chord Crimson Plus by giving a 3 dimensionality effect to my sound system where the Crimson Plus failed to do so...this finding was reconfirmed after switching over a few times between both cables where i noted the bass of the Element Integra is much better than the Crimson Plus..the above result was noted when my system was based on a single it is bi-amped, the limitations of the Crimson Plus now seems to be even more apparent where the instruments spatial imaging is not as 'floating' as the Element Integra..hence, i would say interconnects plays a more important role once we start to upgrade our hifi separates unlike previously when i used entry level equipments..

The review says the cable is ideal for a first upgrade.I need one between Arcam rPac and Roksan Kandy K2 amp, the speakers are Boston Acoustics A25 + Atlas Equator 2.0 OFC cables ( thank you, Whathifi experts team, for recommending me the Equator ).How likely is it to notice a difference? Maybe I should try Chord Crimson plus?


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