Asus Transformer Pad Infinity (64GB, with dock)

Tested at £600

A very capable alternative to the iPad, the Asus Transformer Pad flies the flag for Android in some style


Apple is a holy grail in what hi-fi universe, so it gets five stars no matter what. But when competitors have a single drawback, it gets one less star. What hi-fi should consider a more defined rating sistems with at least five categoris. I wouldn't be suprised if Nexus 10 gest four stars because the resolution of the display is to high Laughing out loud.

- 1* for not being Apple?


What HiFi.

What the **** more like.

I saw the headline re: this review on home page in news section. Somehow I new that when I'll scroll down a bit I'll not see 5 stars no matter what...



Hi, just thought i'd clarify a few points. We've spent quite a considerable amount of time with both the Asus and iPad, and while the Asus is a good tablet, sound quality falls short of the iPad, and picture quality, although good, isn't quite up to the same standard either, hence the four star review. Of course, we're always interested to hear of peoples experiences with any of the products we review. Thanks.

The Asus review makes no mention of inferior picture performance compared to iPad. In fact:

'Once it is, your eye is immediately drawn to the quality of the screen. Resolution is a better-than-Full-HD 1920 x 1200 pixels and looks gorgeous even next to the iPad’s pixel-packed Retina Display.

Watching an HD trailer for Man Of Steel, the depth of field is superb and detail is excellent. Blacks are rich and deep, but there’s also more than enough insight in the darker areas of the screen. Motion is as smooth as we’ve seen from a tablet at this size, too.

The Asus uses a Super IPS+ panel, which gives a fantastic viewing angle and consistent picture quality in different lighting conditions.'


What have you found in your experience with the Asus that marks it down compared to the iPad?

Hi harveymt,

plug in a pair of headphones and in our opinion the Asus doesn't sound as refined or as detailed as the iPad - There's a clear star's difference between them in this regard. Also, this review was taken from a larger tablet supertest. In the verdict we mention the Asus picture is good, but still not quite as good as the Apple (the latter displays a bit more detail). If it helps (and i think it probably would help to give some of our reviews context) I'll see if there's a way of incorporating test verdicts into the site...

I certainly think it would help to update the wording of this review.  I don't think I'm wrong in saying it reads as though it is as good as, if not better, than the iPad.  With what you are saying here you clearly think it isn't.

Done. I've expanded the verdict section to include what we said in the Supertest conclusion in the magazine.


Any chance of a nexus 10 review. Also a new android tab. like this, not apple, so prob only a Max of four stars. Either way, an unbiased review would be nice :-) 

Hi bobajob69,

there's a Nexus 10 in the building - expect the review imminently!

The iPad does not support FLAC either.

Being locked to a particular provider is also the main reason I would pass over the KindleHD. The hardware is cheap but they'll have to make they're money somewhere and that could mean content price rise. At least with the like of the Asus I could pick and choose suppliers.

On a separate point, are there any plans to release this with Windows 8 loaded instead of Android?

You've docked a star seemingly only for poor sound from the on-board speakers. Everything else seems very positive.

In your iPad 4 review you mention in the Against the charging time, price and weight. There is also no microSD slot and you have to buy an accessory to output video over HDMI. It is also 'only' 4:3. Despite all this it gets 5 stars.

Is the speaker that bad that it causes all the iPad's problems to be negated?

As you say in the review:

'The speaker is located on the rear right-hand side, so you need to be careful not to block it when using in landscape mode. We assume you’ll more than likely be plugging in a pair of headphones, which obviously removes the issue.'

Would most people not be using headphones? The speakers on these devices are well known for not being great. It's hardly a problem for just this product.

Too true and Apple dosen't have a normal usb to transfer files like apps which you can with Android.  You are locked to iTunes.


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